Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 573

Chapter 573: The Beauty who Caused the General's Fury (7)

The feeling of despair reminded her of the night she was kidnapped at Song Empire's event, the feeling that she was completely helpless as she saw the kidnapper knock Qin Yinan unconscious and the knife heading for her chest. So eerily similar, she was able to observe everything, but there was nothing she could do.

However, for the kidnapping, at worst, she would have died, but this time? If she was really raped

The moment that thought came into her mind, Song Qingchun felt like dying; she abandoned her dignity and started begging Mr. Yang in a pleading voice. However, no matter what she said, the man did not show any sign of stopping. There was not much wine in the glass, and most of it had splashed out on Song Qingchun's face or the floor.

The moment the glass was emptied, Mr. Yang could not wait to straddle Song Qingchun's body again. She could see the man gyrating on top of her and feel his lips touching her bare skin Song Qingchun felt the hair all over her body rising. She had not felt so dirty in her life before. The despair within her heart amplified, and the begging voice in her lips gradually softened until it disappeared.

She lay on top of the frozen floor, staring at the ceiling. As the tears fell silently down her face, she thought about her options. The more she considered it, the more cowardly she felt. She did not think she had the courage to face what was coming, and in the end, the thought of suicide surfaced in her mind.

Yes, she would rather die than allow herself to be degraded in such a matter.

Die The word circulated around her mind continuously. Her tears stopped flowing, and with a despairing heart, she came to a decision. She swallowed deeply and whispered, "Su Zhinian."

The tears that had stopped earlier started to fall again following the sound of her voice.

"Su Zhinian goodbye"

She mumbled the few words softly before closing her eyes. Using her final store of energy, she bit powerfully on her tongue.

Following a sharp screech of tires, Su Zhinian's car rolled to a stop by the roadside. He shoved the door open and ignored the valet who was greeting him.

He rushed into the lobby, and as he rushed toward the elevator, he tried to focus on Song Qingchun's voice.

Eldorado was a night-time paradise, and there was a cacophony of voices. Su Zhinian tried searching for a long time, but he could not locate Song Qingchun's voice.

The fear and anxiety stopped the breath in his throat. As he continued searching for Song Qingchun's voice, he forced his way into many private rooms, trying to locate Song Qingchun.

Su Zhinian lost count of the doors he had poked his head into and the number of curse words he had heard that night; his only thought was to look for her. Just as he aimed to rush to the third floor, Song Qingchun's voice suddenly appeared beside his ears.

It was very light and very soft.

However, using his super hearing, he heard it very clearly.

She was calling his name.

"Su Zhinian"

Su Zhinian felt something grip his heart. He stopped moving instantly and focused fully on the source of the voice.

"Su Zhinian" It was his name being called again, and it came from upstairs. Su Zhinian shoved the emergency door beside him open and rushed up the stairs.