Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 575

Chapter 575: The Beauty who Caused the General's Fury (9)

Su Zhinian frowned. As he tried to reach toward Song Qingchun again, she suddenly raised her head and screamed sharply, "Don't touch me!"

Then, her tears fell like broken pearls. With greatly trembling lips, the girl repeated softly, like a broken record, "Don't touch me, don't touch me"

Her every "don't touch me" was like a knife shooting right at Su Zhinian's heart. His breathing turned heavy, and as he reached out to pull her into his embrace, he saw the two reddened palm prints on her face.

Like being shocked by electricity, Su Zhinian's whole body tensed. The next second, he suddenly stood up and grabbed the wine bottle left on the table as he did. He walked toward the door like a devil delivering judgement and swung the bottle heavily on Mr. Yang's head.

As the bottle shattered into pieces, Mr. Yang screamed like he was an animal led to the slaughterhouse. Blood immediately spluttered out of his head. Before the first wave of pain even passed through his body, he felt someone haul him up and swing him right back into the room.

He happened to land right beside his assistant. After coughing out blood, with his palm on his chest, he croaked angrily at his assistant, "What are you still doing here? Do you not see this madman? Go get the security now!"

The reason Mr. Yang dared to bring drugs into Eldorado was because his uncle was one of Eldorado's shareholders. Even the manager had to bow deeply whenever they saw him, much less the security guards. F*ck, this man dares to beat me at my place? I will have the security kill him.

Su Zhinian took slow deliberate steps toward Mr. Yang. When he raised his feet to step on his chest, Mr. Yang's thoughts drifted into his mind.

"Security?" His eyes narrowed dangerously, and his tone was laced with cruel mockery. "Fine, I'll call them for you."

Then, Su Zhinian moved his leg from the man's chest and walked to the call to press on the service bell.

Three seconds later, the service bell was picked up. Before the person could say anything, Su Zhinian said, "This is Su Zhinian. Three minutes, in three minutes I want all the security at Eldorado gathered at the fifth floor's Room 106."

"Yes, Mr. Su." The moment the receptionist hung up, Su Zhinian grabbed the china next to him and flung it at Mr. Yang.

The china shattered into pieces and rained on the man. Before he could recover from the shock, a vase came flying his way.

Su Zhinian seemed to have lost his rationality. Anything that was not glued to the surface was picked up by him to throw at Mr. Yang: the phone receiver, decorations, paintings. The whole room was filled with the sound of stuff crashing and Mr. Yang's desperate cries for help.

When Eldorado's security manager arrived with the security team, the whole room was beyond recognition already.

Mr. Yang was so shocked out of his mind that he could not remember who called the security. The moment he saw the security manager, he crawled toward him like he had seen the light, yelling, "Quick, quick, Sun Zhuang, arrest this madman"