Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 576

Chapter 576: The Beauty who Caused the General's Fury (10)

"Come, I do wish to see who dares arrest me!" As Su Zhinian said that, he grabbed Song Qingchun's bag and slammed it on Mr. Yang's face.

When Sun Zhuang, the security manager, heard Su Zhinian, he glanced at the man surrounded by a majestic aura and took in deep breath surreptitiously. Not only did he not take a step forward, he took a step back and said in a tone that was as obsequious as possible, "Mr. Su."

Behind him, the group of security guards stood alert at the door. They did not dare to move one inch toward the entrance.

Su Zhinian ignored security guards, that numbered over one hundred, and continued flinging stuff at Mr. Yang like crazy. He gave no thought to what he was throwing and less thought to the damage he might inflict upon Mr. Yang. Mr. Yang was right; he was really no different from a madman. The aura rising off him was so strong that the people gathered at the door did not dare to even breathe.

Su Zhinian continued his madness until there was nothing else left in the room for him to throw. However, his murderous fury did not seem like it was dying down. Using a strength that no one knew he had, he toppled the marble table.

Following a deafening boom, Su Zhinian rushed to Mr. Yang's side and started kicking and punching him. The man screamed and wailed, begged and cursed, but none of that seemed to register in Su Zhinian's mind. He just continued raining punishment on the man until the voice of the begging man started to sound like he was choking on his blood.

If this is allowed to continue, he will really die here. If that happens, Mr. Su might survive the tragedy, but Eldorado will not.

The security manager took in the harrowing scene but did not dare intervene; instead, he picked up his walkie-talkie to contact the hotel manager.

The hotel manager rushed over. The two of them grumbled for a long time, pushing the responsibility on each other, but neither one dared to step into the room.

"So, what to do now? Find the boss? Mr. Su is currently Eldorado's biggest shareholder; even the boss would not dare stop him. The other shareholders? Impossible"

"But we can't just let this go on"

Just as the two managers whispered to each other trying to come up with a solution, a waiter at the back of the group suddenly piped up, "Hey, is there a girl in the room?"

Mr. Yang often uses Eldorado as his hunting spot, could this girl be his latest victim and Mr. Su has lost his mind because of this woman?

As the saying goes, men always lose their temper and sanity because of a woman.

The two managers looked at each other, and then the hotel manager clapped silently like he just remember something important. "Just look at the both of us, how can we forget about Miss Cheng?"