Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 577

Chapter 577: Love and War (1)

"Indeed, why didn't we think of Miss Cheng? She will definitely be able to resolve this issue!" the security manager concurred. The hotel manager instantly pulled out her phone to call Cheng Qingchong.

After hearing the hotel manager describe the situation, instead of providing a solution, she asked, "Was Miss Song bullied?"

Miss Song? Who is this Miss Song?

The hotel manager was confused before it dawned on him that the lady in the room had to be Miss Song. He glanced into the room in a hurry and saw Miss Song's dress still sitting perfectly on her body, so he turned back to the phone and said, "Miss Song's dress is still perfectly wrapped over her body, I believe she was not touched by Mr. Yang"

Cheng Qingchong sighed in great relief on the phone and said rather gladly, "Good, good, this means that it can still be saved"

Then Cheng Qingchong launched a series of orders at the hotel manager. "First, do not try to stop CEO Su when he is at the height of his fury or else you'll end up in the same hospital as that Mr. Yang.

"Secondly, CEO Su has completely lost his sanity, and the only way to pull him back is to remind him of Miss Song like Miss Song is crying or something like that. If that does not work, you have to get Miss Song to help you stop CEO Su. Even at the height of his madness, CEO Su will not hurt Miss Song one bit.

"Finally, quickly go open a room at Eldorado so that CEO Su has a place to let Miss Song rest."

After hanging up, the hotel manager instantly ordered his men to follow Cheng Qingchong's instructions. Then with a deep breath, he walked to the room entrance and yelled, "Mr. Su, Miss Song doesn't look like she is doing so well!"

Su Zhinian did not respond but continued to kick at Mr. Yang's stomach, causing the man to cough out another mouthful of blood.

The hotel manager tried to walk into the room to find the "Miss Song" mentioned by Cheng Qingchong on the phone. However, as he reached the door, he sensed Su Zhinian's gaze on him, and he involuntarily jumped several steps back. He pointed at Song Qingchun, who was cowering in the corner, and whispered softly and weakly at Su Zhinian, "Mr. Su, I just want to go check up on Miss Song to see whether she's injured or not."

Su Zhinian's lips twitched, and he moved his gaze in the direction the manager was pointing. Then he saw Song Qingchun with her head buried in her knees, her shoulders shaking, weeping softly.

Su Zhinian's heart twisted with pain. With a final kick that sent Mr. Yang flying, he turned and walked toward Song Qingchun. He only took two steps, when the miraculously still alive Mr. Yang growled at his assistant, "Have you lost your brain? If the security won't help, why you didn't call the cops?"

"Yes, yes, yes, Brother Yang," Xiao Yi stammered. With his greatly shaking fingers, he pulled out his phone, but he only pressed one when Mr. Yang wheezed out, "Wait, don't call the police first, get me my lawyer, I need to sue him"

Sue me?

When Su Zhinian heard these two words, his anger rose once more. He took two steps back to stand above Mr. Yang. He looked down at him and announced in a deliberate tone, "Want to bring me to court? Fine, I'll give you the chance to choose do you want to be the defendant or the plaintiff?"