Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 578

Chapter 578: Love and War (2)

"I bet if you bring this to court, many girls will come out of the woodwork to sue you. Since you like the court so much, I'm sure you'll enjoy going in and out of it for months. I'm sure you'll love that very much, won't you?"

As Su Zhinian said so, he glanced Mr. Yang up and down before adding, "These wounds on your body will have healed before the case is brought to court. How about I give you one that will last to help you with your case!"

The moment he finished, Su Zhinian suddenly raised his help to kick at Mr. Yang's crotch. The pain felt by the man was something that could not be described with words. His face twisted beyond recognition, and the scream that left his mouth went beyond what a normal human could produce.

All the security guards present were males, even Mr. Yang's assistant was male, so they all understood the pain that Mr. Yang was feeling. Xiao Yi reached unconsciously to shield his lower body. The next second, everyone saw as Su Zhinian's feet kicked continuously at Mr. Yang's crotch like he was trying to end the Yang family line. Mr. Yang started spazzing on the floor, and his mouth was close to foaming. Every man who witnessed this butchering tightened their legs subconsciously and averted their gaze silently.

Su Zhinian stopped attacking to pull his wallet out of his pocket. He retrieved a name card from it, bent over, and shook it at Mr. Yang's face. "This is my name card. My name, contact number, and company address are all on it. I shall await your lawyer's letter!"

Su Zhinian slapped Mr. Yang's face with the card before removing his foot from the man's crotch. Then he turned around and walked toward Song Qingchun.

When he was standing over Song Qingchun, the fury was still burning within him; however, as he squatted down before him, like magic, everyone could see the fury in his eyes dissolve instantly into endless tenderness and care.

Afraid that he might spook her, he did not reach out to touch her but called her name softly.


The girl's body shivered once, and the sound of crying weakened considerably.

"It's me," Su Zhinian said gently. Song Qingchun slowly raised her head from her knees. Su Zhinian reached out toward her head. When he realized she did not react as violently as she did before, he finally had the courage to put his hands slowly on her hair to brush it twice before adding softly, "I'll bring you away from this place now, is that okay?"

Song Qingchun did not say a word as she stared at his eyes. Then she nodded.

Her little reaction completely softened the fury caught between Su Zhinian's eyes. It was as if the man's heart had melted. With a careful motion, he wrapped his suit jacket tighter around the girl's body before he pulled her upwards into his arms and walked toward the door.

When the security manager saw this, he immediately waved his hand to have the security clear a path for them.

When Su Zhinian passed him, the hotel manager immediately followed Cheng Qingchong's suggestion and opened his lips to say, "Mr. Su, we've prepared the Orchid Room for you; you can bring Miss Song to rest there."