Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 579

Chapter 579: Love and War (3)
Chapter 579: Love and War (3)
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Later, he realized he should not have said anything because the moment that he did, Su Zhinian, who was passing through the crowd, suddenly stopped moving. His white shirt was dyed with blood that had spurted from Mr. Yang's body. His earlier rage meant that he sweated profusely. There was still sweat hanging from the ends of his hair, and beads of sweat were trickling down his handsome jaw.

The man was sexy in this state, and it managed to take the breath away from the few ladies in the crowd.

His tone was clear, slow, light, and even lazy when he said, "How long have you been at Eldorado?"

The hotel manager was shocked by the sudden question, but he recovered quickly and instantly replied, "Four years and three months already, sir."

The moment he finished answering, Su Zhinian's eyes suddenly turned sharp, and his tone carried on a hardened edge. "Have you been blind for those four years and three months? Haven't you seen that she has been to Eldorado with me multiple times already? Since when have I become so unimportant that my people will not be taken care of at Eldorado?"

The hotel manager was so scared out of his mind that he immediately lowered his head in shame. He did not even argue but responded with a shaking voice, "I'm sorry, Mr. Su, this is my mistake."

It was not that he had not seen Su Zhinian arrive with a female companion other than Miss Cheng, but that had happened at least two months ago. It was common for these female escorts beside rich men to change constantly, so he did not pay this Miss Song any mind.

Su Zhinian ignored the hotel manager's apology and continued walking forward. Just as everyone thought the storm was over and was about to sigh in relief, before the breath could escape from their nostrils, Su Zhinian suddenly stopped like he had remembered something. His gaze was like a dagger as he stared right at the security manager. This caused the security manager's knees to go weak, and he almost collapsed to the floor in a begging position.

"And you, he's blind, but you're also blind? Why didn't you assign a few people to watch over her to make sure nothing happened to her?"

Even though he was not looking at the hotel manager, when he heard the "he" mentioned, the hotel manager still shivered twice. The security manager, who stood beside him, stammered through his explanation. "I've not seen Miss Song before, and that's why this is allowed to happen. Next, next time, I'll pay more attention, I'm sorry, sorry, Mr. Su"

Su Zhinian's face darkened instantly.

Next time? Do you think there will be a next time?

The security manager realized his faux-pa and instantly remedied it. "I'm sorry, Mr. Su Whenever Miss Song arrives in the future, I assure you, we will have security follow her the whole time."

Su Zhinian's expression relaxed slightly. After a cold harrumph, he passed through the crowd, hugging Song Qingchun, without saying another word.

After Su Zhinian stepped into the elevator, both the managers only had the courage to start breathing again.