Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 58

Chapter 58: The Person Hiding In My Memory 8
Chapter 58: The Person Hiding in My Memory (8)
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After her Brother Yinan, whom she had relied on since she learned to speak, told her that he had fallen into love with Tang Nuan, her love for him had become a secret that she kept locked up in her heart.

She would always remember how sad she had been that day. The boy she had idolized and adored for years told her he had someone in his heart, and it was not her.

Song Qingchun's eyes started to get red with tears. She picked up the bottle of red wine she had prepared to celebrate with Qin Yinan. She popped the cork with force and poured herself a full glass before guzzled the whole glass.

After that, the university that she had tried so hard to get into to be close to her Brother Yinan became her hell on Earth because she could stumble across scenes where Qin Yinan was pursuing Tang Nuan at any moment.

She knew this was done by Tang Nuan on purpose to make her feel sad. Looking back, she really could not tell how many times she had hidden behind the corner to cry. There were multiple times when she had felt she could no longer survive at that university, but when she prepared her letter to the university, Qin Yinan was summoned to join the army.

One year after Qin Yinan joined the army, she heard from her friends that he had broken up with Tang Nuan. The hope that had died in her heart was slowly revived. She had waited for him patiently in Beijing, waiting for him to come home. Finally, he did, but her nightmare was starting again

Song Qingchun tossed back the glasses of red wine like it was water. However, the more she drank, the sadder she felt. She was sad not only because Qin Yinan had abandoned her, but also because the career contacts she had cultivated for two years had been completely taken over by Tang Nuan. Her older brother who would appear to console her when she was bullied had committed suicide, and she had sold her body to another man she did not love to save Song Empire

Finally, Song Qingchun tossed the glass away and chugged the wine directly from the bottle. The rush of wine splashed down her throat, and she bent over to cough heavily from the displeasure.

It was already 6 pm, and the dinner rush was about to begin. Noticing Song Qingchun had not left, the waiter once again pushed open the door to check on her. Taking in the whole scene, the waiter quickly rushed over to pat on the back to help her ease her coughing.

When she was feeling better, Song Qingchun straightened up slowly and pushed the waiter gently out of her way. She grabbed at the wine bottle and upended it over her mouth. She shook it twice and only two drops came out. She then turned to the waiter and ordered with a giggle, "Bring me another bottle please."

Song Qingchun had no idea how many bottles of wine she had downed that night; it might have been three or it might have been four. Regardless, when she was done, the world was spinning; her north was her east, and west was her south. She shook a floor lamp in the room violently, which she had mistaken as the waiter, yelling, "Another bottle!"

The waiter heard the commotion and entered the room. When he saw the condition she was in, he no longer dared to give her anymore alcohol. He advised patiently, "Miss, you're drunk. Do you have any friends that we can call to come and fetch you?"

Song Qingchun ignored the waiter and mumbled repeatedly, "Wine, wine, wine"

Just as the waiter was at a loss, Song Qingchun's phone which was placed on the table suddenly rang.

The obviously drunk Song Qingchun searched the table for her phone but could not locate it. In the end, it was the waiter who placed her phone in her hand. Song Qingchun stared at the screen, trying to focus. At the back of her mind, she realized it was her alarm. Then, she turned to the waiter and grumbled rather incoherently, "It's almost 7 pm, it's time for me to go back to hell"