Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 580

Chapter 580: Love and War (4)
Chapter 580: Love and War (4)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Su Zhinian had gone beyond getting angry for Miss Song; it seemed like he would tear the whole damn world down for the sake of Miss Song! Even the innocent would not be spared.

As Su Zhinian hugged Song Qingchun and carried her toward Orchid Room, they passed many people who knew Su Zhinian. Ashamed to let them see the state she was in, Song Qingchun kept hiding her face in Su Zhinian's chest.

After who knows how many "Good afternoon, Mr. Su", Su Zhinian finally stopped moving. Following the sound of a card being swiped, a gentle female voice said, "Mr. Su, do you need anything else?"

Su Zhinian hauled Song Qingchun into the room and told the waitress at the door, "Prepare me an S size outfit, a set of pajamas, two ice packs, two boiled eggs, and a bottle of salve to heal bruises."

Su Zhinian ended his sentence with a rising tone like he was still worried about something. Then he added, "Also give Doctor Xia a call, get him to come to Eldorado."

"Yes, Mr. Su," the waitress replied before leaving and closing the door. Su Zhinian placed Song Qingchun on the sofa. He was reaching out to pull at her chin to inspect the palm prints on her face. However, before his fingertip reached her face, the girl suddenly jumped up from the sofa. She lowered her head to have her tussled hair shield her face and whispered, "Ihave to take a shower, dirty"

When she said the word "dirty", her voice audibly shook like she was on the verge of tears. Before waiting for a response from Su Zhinian, she turned around and dashed into the bathroom. Very soon, there was the sound of rushing water.

Using his super hearing, Su Zhinian still managed to pick out the sound of the girl crying through the cascading water that she tried to use to hide her tears.

The fury that had not really died down in his heart was reignited, but this time it carried with it a thick sense of fear.

Yes, fear.

If he had not bumped into Tang Nuan at the dinner if someone had not just so happened to bring up their shared past if someone had not goaded Tang Nuan to come greet him with a drink if not for the fact that she had spaced out, blocking his way, and he managed to read her thought as he brushed past her then, Song Qingchun's virtue would have been taken by that sleazy Yang already.

No one could understand the fury within his heart when he read the term "rape" in Tang Nuan's thought; no one could understand the rage coursing through his vein when he saw the girl he could give up the entire world to protect cowering underneath a strange man. Thinking back, there was only one thought on his mind at that moment: to kill someone.

Song Qingchun's crying did not show any signs of ceasing, and Su Zhinian's eyes that looked out the window that opened into the night sky of Beijing turned colder by the second. Eventually, he pulled out his phone to give Cheng Qingchong a call.

Cheng Qingchong was probably still awake due to the call from the hotel. The phone only rang once before it was picked up. "CEO Su."