Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 583

Chapter 583: Love and War (7)
Chapter 583: Love and War (7)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Her tears and crying had completely stopped other than the occasional sniffles. Su Zhinian then removed his fingers from her face. With one hand on her back and another holding her face lightly, he lowered his head to touch her forehead using his forehead and suggested in a gentle voice, "We've stayed in the bathroom for quite some time already. You'll catch a cold if you stay here any longer, so how about I help you take a bath and then I'll carry you out, is that okay with you?"

His voice was soft and replete with gentleness and care. It filtered through the sound of rushing water to warm Song Qingchun's heart, and it made the girl's eyes started to redden again. Su Zhinian used the middle of his palm to massage her cheeks and added softly, "Why are you crying again? Let's not waste our tears on that trash of a man, ok?"

Hearing his words, Song Qingchun's tears started to fall in earnest. Su Zhinian rushed to wipe away her tears without hesitation and with utmost patience. "Come on now, stop crying. If you continue to do this, your eyes will swell from all the tears Stop crying, okay?"

His words finally seemed to register in Song Qingchun's mind. She nodded wordlessly. Suppressing the water that was coming to her eyes, she snuggled her head deeper into his chest and reached out her hands to circle his waist.

Even though she was not penetrated by the man, the dirty feeling she felt when he tore open her clothes and licked and kissed her skin was a stubborn nightmare that refused to leave her be. It caused her to feel greatly appalled. She truly tasted despair that night; at the height of her despair, she had even considered biting her tongue to commit suicide.

Until now, even though she was no longer trapped in that disgusting room, her heart was still quaking with fear and anxiety, so distressed was the girl that she completely ignored how cruel Su Zhinian had been to her. At that moment, she just needed a shoulder to lean on, to relieve the fear clogging her heart.

Su Zhinian read her internal thoughts, and his heart twisted with pain following each entry. His handsome brows were locked deep with heartache.

He acted with the same amount of insouciance as she did. Even though he was shouldering a huge secret that prevented him from getting too close to her, at that moment, he just wanted to protect her and provide her with any kind of solace that he could.

The pair stayed in that quiet embrace for a long time until the phone in Su Zhinian's pocket rang. Song Qingchun then moved her face off from Su Zhinian's chest.

With one hand still on her waist, Su Zhinian used his other free hand to answer his phone. He glanced at the caller ID, which said "Cheng Qingchong", before picking it up.

"CEO Su, all of Eldorado's shareholders and Lawyer Zhang are already waiting outside of Orchid Room; I'm sorry, but they wish to know when the shareholder's meeting will start."

"Let them wait," Su Zhinian replied with these three words before pulling the phone away from his ear and ready to hang up.

"Then, what about Doctor Xia? He's also waiting outside; shall I send him in?"

As Su Zhinian was about to hang up, he heard this question from Cheng Qingchong. He paused for a moment before adding, "Wait for my call."

Then, he hung up.