Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 584

Chapter 584: Love and War (8)
Chapter 584: Love and War (8)
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Su Zhinian placed his phone on the sink counter beside him then lowered his head to say to Song Qingchun, "Come out after you finish your shower, okay?"

The long embrace earlier had quietened down Song Qingchun's rocking heart. When she heard him say that, she nodded slightly.

Earlier, he offered to help her to take a bath because of her state of distress and the worry that she might catch a cold for staying too long immersed in the water. Now that she was doing much better, Su Zhinian tousled her wet hair and said in his gentle voice, "I'll go wait for you outside?"

To take a bath, she had to get out of her clothes, but the clothes were barely hanging onto the girl's body then; she was practically half-naked. Song Qingchun, who just realized this, lowered her head with shame and bit her lips, but she did not say a word.

Su Zhinian, through reading her thoughts, assumed that she was being shy, so he released the grasp on her waist. He was about to leave when she reached out to grab his hand again. The girl still kept her head low; she did not look at him or say a word. However, through the touching of their palms, he understood perfectly what she could not bring herself to say.

It would seem too unvirtuous if she asked him to stay to accompany her while she took a bath even though she really did not want him to leave. She did not want to be left alone because that would be when the memories from hours ago would come back to haunt her. However, she could not bring herself to ask him to stay.

Song Qingchun bit on her lower lip, and her hand that hung onto Su Zhinian's hand started to loosen its grip. Just as her fingertips were about to part from his hand, Su Zhinian sighed softly and turned around helplessly to pull the stopper from the bottom of the bathtub before grabbing the showerhead to direct it at Song Qingchun.

Other than the sound of water, nothing else could be heard inside the bathroom. Like a plastic doll, Song Qingchun stood in the bathtub motionlessly with her head lowered from shyness.

Su Zhinian helped her wash her hair and body seriously before pulling the towel hanging in the room to wrap around her body. He sighed under his breath as he pulled out another towel to dry her hair. He tossed that towel aside as he went to grab another to wrap around her hair before he picked her up, walked out of the bathroom, and placed her gently on the bed.

Su Zhinian rummaged through the pile of stuff brought by the waitress to search for the pajamas and underwear to pass to Song Qingchun. Then, he walked back into the bathroom to get the hairdryer.

When he returned, Song Qingchun was already dressed.

When Song Qingchun was harassed by Mr. Yang, he had not been by her side, so he had no clue how far the extent of the damage went. He had no clue whether the bruises on her body were all there was. So, after plugging in the hairdryer, he offered, "Do you mind if I have Doctor Xia come in to examine you?"

Song Qingchun nodded, while adding a soft "hmm". Her face was still red from the fact he had just helped her take a shower.

After getting her permission, Su Zhinian stood up to head toward the door. He told Doctor Xia to examine Song Qingchun carefully and thoroughly, so when he finished drying Song Qingchun's hair, Doctor Xia was still doing his examination.

Su Zhinian stood to the side to let the old doctor do his work. After five minutes, Doctor Xia finally pulled the stethoscope off his ears and told Su Zhinian, "Miss Song was probably drugged. Thankfully, the amount is very small, and the body will remove it all from her system naturally. She is going to be fine, but I will still write her a prescription should she feel the need to take some medicine."