Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 585

Chapter 585: Love and War (9)

"Drugged?" Su Zhinian latched onto that word after Doctor Xia delivered his diagnosis. Then, the word "date-rape" that he read in Tang Nuan's mind again reappeared in his mind, and the fire that finally extinguished in his heart was reignited again.

Thankfully, he had called for Doctor Xia or else he would not have known about the drugs because he doubted Song Qingchun would have volunteered that information. Even though he had not toyed with those drugs before, he knew those drugs were extremely detrimental to the human body!

Song Qingchun heard the word that escaped Su Zhinian's lips, and she assumed he was asking her about how she was drugged. She grabbed the cotton ball offered to her by Doctor Xia to press on the needle wound on her arm that the doctor used to draw her blood. Then, with her eyes lowered, she explained slowly, "I was interviewing him normally when he suddenly started to get rough. We got into an altercation, and in his rage, he grabbed me by the chin to force the drugged wine down my throat to get me to be quiet."

She used only several sentences to conclude what happened with Mr. Yang, but when Su Zhinian heard her description his face turned dark, and the murderous intent within him started to burn once more.

After Song Qingchun finished, she raised her eyes to look at Su Zhinian, like a child looking for assurance, and she continued, "When he was angry, he even beat me and scolded me"

However, when she noticed the icy glaze in his eyes, her heart shivered involuntarily, and her subconscious told her to keep her mouth shut.

After sending Doctor Xia away, Su Zhinian returned to the bedroom with a face covered with frost. He seemed to be in the worst of his mood. He sat by the bedside and grabbed the boiled egg. The force that he used to knock it against the table top was unnecessarily hard. Even the force that he used to toss the eggshell into the trashcan was like he was trying to topple the can.

He practically shoved the egg into her face, but as he massaged it around her wound, he became incredibly gentle. In fact, it carried with it a sense of tenderness and care. The anxiety that Song Qingchun was feeling due to his anger gradually dissipated.

He did not say a word and neither did she.

The bedroom was silent, but his expression did not let up; if anything, when he helped her with the bruises on her body, the coldness between his eyes only intensified. After he finished dressing all of her wounds, with a drawn face, he asked, "Are you hurt anywhere else?"

His tone was icy, but it sent warmth into Song Qingchun's heart. She shook her head and replied softly, "No more."

Even though she had already given him the answer, he still carefully examined her body to make sure he had not missed a spot. After making sure she was really fine, he stood up, walked to grab a bottle of water, twisted it open, and passed it to Song Qingchun. After she accepted it, he handed her the medicine given by Doctor Xia.

Song Qingchun took the medicine obediently. With a drawn face, Su Zhinian tucked her into the bed and forced out three sharp words. "Go to sleep."

Even though Song Qingchun did not have Su Zhinian's superpower, she managed to tell that his anger was not directed at her but at the fact that she had been bullied.

She followed his order and obediently closed her eyes.

That night was simply too harrowing for her, both mentally and physically, so she was exhausted beyond belief.