Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 587

Chapter 587: Rebirth (1)

The restful sleep continued for some time until Song Qingchun noticed the warmth on her back had disappeared. She frowned and reached out unconsciously toward the edge of the bed. The depressed side of the bed had returned to its flat state, but a person's body temperature still lingered at the spot that was vacated.

Her frown deepened, and her hand reached out all over the bed in her half-sleeping state. Unable to find Su Zhinian's body, her long and curled lashes flickered twice before slowly opening. The bedroom was quiet. Other than the dim nightlight beside her bed, none of the lights in the room were on.

The windows' curtains about two meters in front of her were not closed, and through the glass, she could see the glittering sights of Beijing at night. Song Qingchun slowly sat up hugging the covers to herself. Her gaze scanned the bedroom, but Su Zhinian was nowhere to be seen.

Where is he? Has he left?

Song Qingchun turned subconsciously toward the bedroom door. Then she pulled off the cover and got out of the bed. The bedroom floor was padded with a thick carpet, so she made no sound as she walked on it.

She walked to the bedroom door and was about to pull the door open when she heard the slow conversation outside the heavy wooden door that was carved with floral motifs.

"Mr. Su, I do not understand what you're saying. Why do you suddenly wish to purchase my stocks away from me with such a high price?"

Even though the voice was purposely suppressed, Song Qingchun could tell the voice belong to a middle-aged man.

"CEO Yang, I'm giving you three times the market price to purchase your stock, so I suggest you sign the transference form now. Regarding why, I'm sure you have a better idea than I do." The voice that replied to this middle-aged man was extremely familiar to Song Qingchun; it was Su Zhinian's voice. This conversation seemed to have gone on for quite some time already because she could hear the impatience in his light voice.

"Mr. Su, my nephew, Yang Zheng indeed has made a foolish mistake tonight, but you have beaten him to such a degree that he needs to be hospitalized, shouldn't that be considered even already? You don't need to kick me out of Eldorado, do you? I promise, Yang Zheng will not do such a thing in the future anymore, so can you please reconsider this?"

It was again the middle-aged man who said this. At this point, Song Qingchun finally understood what they were discussing.

Yang Zheng is the celebrity that I interviewed and this CEO Yang is his uncle and Eldorado's shareholder. So Su Zhinian is forcing his uncle out of Eldorado?

This time, it was not Su Zhinian who replied him but Cheng Qingchong. In her usual soft-spoken and professional voice, she said, "I'm sorry, CEO Yang but I advise you sign the form now."

Cheng Qingchong then took a pause. Song Qingchun could not see what was happening out of her room, but she had a feeling Su Zhinian was giving Cheng Qingchong some kind of signal. Seconds later, Cheng Qingchong continued. "CEO Yang, if you sign now, you can still stand to earn. If you insist on being so stubborn, it'll only get worse from here on out."

"CEO Su, are you trying to threaten me?"

Before CEO Yang finished his sentence, Su Zhinian answered him easily and affirmatively, "CEO Yang, you're mistakenI'm not trying to threaten you; I'm openly threatening you."