Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 588

Chapter 588: Rebirth (2)

"CEO Su, we're all businessmen based in Beijing, and we'll still run in the same circle, do you need to push thing so far? How about this? I'll have my nephew personally come to apologize to Miss Song after he gets out of hospital, what do you think about that?" CEO Yang tried to negotiate this further with Su Zhinian even though desperation could be heard in his voice.

Su Zhinian seemed like he was done having this conversation with him. Instead of answering CEO Yang, he turned to address Cheng Qingchong. "Give him half a minute. Half a minute later, if he still refuses to sign the papers, then just pull the plug."

"Yes, CEO Su," Cheng Qingchong replied in her stable and collected voice.

CEO Yang probably was frustrated from his inability to persuade Su Zhinian. That frustration was only intensified by Su Zhinian's words. CEO Yang flipped instantly. "Su Zhinian, don't think simply because you're Eldorado's biggest shareholder, you can shove people around! The stock belongs to me. If I want to sell then I will sell, who gives you the right to control what I do?"

Su Zhinian did not react in any way to CEO Yang's taunt. Cheng Qingchong reminded him with a smile, "CEO Yang, there's still twenty seconds left."

"Su Zhinian, you really think this world needs to bow to you simply because of the money in your pocket? You have to take a better look at yourself, a bastard born out of wedlock, even with all the money that you've earned, it doesn't take away from the depravity and poverty that run in your blood"

Su Zhinian, who these insults were directed at, still did not rise to the bait. However, Song Qingchun, who stood behind the door, had her hands clenched into fists, and displeasure flashed across her eyes.

Cheng Qingchong's voice was less cordial compared to before, and her soft voice was now laced with suppressed anger. "CEO Yang, five seconds left."

"F*ck all of you, I won't be signing anything tonight! I do want to see what you'll do to me, forcing a signature is illegal"

"Time's up." When Cheng Qingchong announced that, there came an angry roar from beyond the door. "Su Zhinian, have you lost your f*cking mind for that b*tch"

Before he could finish, Song Qingchun heard a sound that reminisced of something hard being slammed on someone's face. Following that were CEO Yang's wails of pain.

However, the second the screams left his mouth, it sounded like his mouth was muffled because only the sound of muffled screams remained.

"Before entering this room, I warned everyone to speak in soft voices. Whoever dares to wake the person inside there up, I will slice that person's tongue out!"

In Su Zhinian's suppressed voice, Song Qingchun heard an intense warning that caused the girl to shake involuntarily.

"Also, CEO Yang, don't think I really cannot make you sign the paperwork. I was merely giving you face earlier.

"Remember a few years ago, when you were trying to renovate the piece of land on the eastern side of town. There was a stubborn family of five that refused to move, but suddenly, all five of them died in a car accident in the middle of the night, did you really think the whole incident was covered up perfectly?

"Also, the female university student at University A. Your wife found out that you raped her and went to the university to make a fuss, causing the girl to commit suicide. You paid someone 2,000,000 RMB to create the false rumors that it was she who seduced you, don't tell me you've forgotten about that as well?"