Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 589

Chapter 589: Rebirth (3)

"Of course, that is not the total amount of your sins; in fact, these barely scratch the surface. Forgery, illegal shake-downs if I start to list them now, it'll probably take until the sun rises. You're still free to not sign this paper, but I believe that no matter how powerful the Yang family is, it won't be able to cover up the whole sky with one hand, right?"

CEO Yang, who had been groaning non-stop, became radio silent when Su Zhinian mentioned this. After a while, he seemed to recover from his shock. Due to the hand on his mouth, his voice was muffled, but Song Qingchun still managed to pick out the sentence. "How did you know about all that?"

"How I know about all that doesn't concern you. The point is when did Song Qingchun become an individual you people from the Yang family can bully freely?"

Song Qingchun, who heard this sentence, had her eyes widened to the maximum, and she could feel a spot at the bottom of her heart starting to boil with emotion.

"You're going to make enemy with our Yang family for a mere woman? You have to understand that my Yang family still has some uses to you!" CEO Yang didn't seem like he was giving up anytime soon. He continued to mumble, trying to persuade Su Zhinian by bribing him. "My big brother said it is only a matter of time until the piece of land at the eastern side of town falls into our hands. When that happens, I'm more than willing to present it as a present to"

Su Zhinian scoffed with derision. "CEO Yang, if I was in any way afraid of your Yang family, I wouldn't have touched Yang Zheng today! To tell you the truth, I've known the ugly sides of your family for a long time, but since it had nothing to do with me, I was too lazy to care, so you only have yourself to blame for coming after my woman!"

My woman Song Qingchun's body started to shake, and her hand subconsciously reached out to cover her mouth.

Su Zhinian said that I'm his woman. The emotions that were boiling in her chest threatened to spill over.

"So what if I make enemy with the entire Yang family for the sake of one woman, what can you do about it? One last chance, are you going to sign the paper or not?"

For some reason, CEO Yang suddenly started to mumble in a flurry. His talking speed was so fast that Song Qingchun had a hard time following what he was saying, but from the tone of his voice, it sounded like he was begging Su Zhinian.

After half a minute, CEO Yang could be heard gasping for air, and he said clearly, "Fine, I'll sign, there's no need to call the police!"

After he declared so, Song Qingchun could hear the sound of a pen scratching the surface of paper. It was silent for about two minutes outside the door before Cheng Qingchong's voice began again. "CEO Su, CEO Yang has given his signature, and the paper has been approved by Lawyer Zhang. Please take a look."

Su Zhinian did not say a word, and Song Qingchun could hear the sound of papers rustling. About ten seconds later, there was pop as if a stack of paper had landed on the table.

It was quickly followed by Cheng Qingchong saying, "CEO Yang, thank you for your cooperation, you're dismissed."

After the sound of the door opening and closing, it was still Cheng Qingchong who said, "CEO Su, do you need anything else?"

After a moment, Cheng Qingchong continued. "Then, I'll be leaving with Lawyer Zhang."