Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 591

Chapter 591: Rebirth (5)

Of course, what was I thinking? He doesn't like me. How could I forget about that box of after-morning pills?

As this thought settled in her mind, Song Qingchun felt Su Zhinian's hand, which was placed beside hers, tremble slightly. Her train of thought stopped before returning to her original concern. But if he doesn't like me, why would he call CEO Yang over to force him out of Eldorado's shareholders while I was asleep? Also, why would he mention something like, "the point is when did Song Qingchun become an individual you people from the Yang family can bully freely?"

Doesn't it sound like he's looking out for me?

He also mentioned, he wouldn't mind making enemy of the Yang family because of me, someone he even called his woman.

His woman Those two simple words managed to revive the heart that Song Qingchun had spent half the month travelling through Japan to deaden. It started to twitch with activity again.

Eldorado's stock price is not cheap, and he used three times the market price to buy it from CEO Yang, only because he wanted to teach that Yang Zheng and his uncle a lesson? But why would he care?

She could still remember that, a few months ago, Cheng Qingchong managed to persuade Su Zhinian, who didn't want to his dinner meeting that night, simply by bringing up the fact that she, Song Qingchun, liked spending time at Eldorado.

So, the real reason he's doing all this is to prevent similar things from happening to me in the future at Eldorado? To prevent others from taking advantage of me?

Song Qingchun could not even bring herself to interrogate Su Zhinian because she herself had a hard time following her thoughts.

Previously, he had treated her so incredibly well, causing her to fall for him, causing her to think he carried her within his heart. That was why she had convinced herself to confess to him on the night of his birthday.

She could not forget how cold and final his rejection was.

The sting of that rejection still felt fresh in her heart.

However, tonight, when he saw she was being raped by Yang Zheng, it seemed like he had lost his mind. Even though she was stunned by fear, cowering in the corner with her tears, she still had a recollection of what he did.

He looked like he was taking revenge for the person that he loved the most in the world.

Also, when he picked her up to leave the scene, he had been in such a bad mood that he had even scolded the innocent hotel and security managers. In contrast, when he was alone with her in the bathroom, he had been so gentle and so patient accompanying her, and he had even helped her bathe.

When he helped her out of the bathroom, he had called Doctor Xia to her aid. When he heard from the doctor that she had been drugged, his smiling face had suddenly turned cold and severe.

Everything that Su Zhinian did for her that night was like a movie replaying constantly in her mind.

If he is, as he claimed, completely uninterested in me, why would he treat me so nicely? The attention and care he's showcased has completely surpassed one between a platonic friendship and even between normal couples.

However, if he really does like me, why would he reject me when I confessed my feelings to him and even went so far as getting me the morning-after pills after the night that we shared?

Song Qingchun was at a complete loss.