Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 593

Chapter 593: Rebirth (7)

Su Zhinian just went out for a stroll and has now returned?

There was a glow in Song Qingchun's eyes as she dashed to the door and pulled it open.

The waiter did not expect such a large reaction from the resident, and he was obviously fazed. He then smiled politely at Song Qingchun and said, "Miss Song, this is your bag, please check there is nothing missing."

It's only the waiter returning the bag I lost in the private room last night.

Song Qingchun's eyes instantly lost their glow. She accepted the bag and looked through it roughly. When she noticed her wallet, car key, and phone were still in there, she forced a smile at the waiter and replied, "Everything's in there, thank you."

The waiter smiled back at her. As he turned to leave, Song Qingchun suddenly called out in a hopeful voice, "Did did Su Zhinian have you send this bag over?"

"Yes, CEO Su ordered the front desk to collect Miss Song's stuff and send it over at 11 am."

He had them sent the stuff over at 11 am because he was afraid they might disturb my sleep? I knew he had something to do with this; they wouldn't have helped me return this bag for no reason. The feeling of disappointment she felt from realizing Su Zhinian had left after she woke up slightly dissipated. Maybe he has an important meeting, so he had to leave before I woke up?

Song Qingchun looked at the waiter with a hue of happiness in her eyes. "Then, what about Su Zhinian? What time did he leave?"

"Mr. Su?" The waiter thought about it before answering. "Mr. Su left quite early in the morning; I believe it was around 5 am."

The smile at the bottom of Song Qingchun's eyes froze in that instant. She stared at the waiter as if in a daze. The waiter waited for a moment. After realizing she had nothing else to say, he prompted her politely, "Miss Song, do you still need anything else?"

Song Qingchun recovered and lowered her head to hide the emotions in her eyes as she shook her head at the waiter. She closed the door and carried her bag as she walked back into the bedroom. When she fell asleep last night, it was about 3 am, so he merely stayed for an hour before leaving.

It was not as she thought that he had to leave to deal with a company emergency. He never wanted to stay to accompany her in the first place.

But how did that explain the things that he did for her last night? His anger, his fury, and his gentleness those events were still fresh in her mind, so how did he manage to return to the state of a stranger the next morning?

Song Qingchun sat at the edge of the bed and stared out the window at the glaring sun for quite some time. It was not until her eyes felt like they were drying up that she collected her confused thoughts and her clothes before leaving Eldorado.

On the way back to TW Station, Song Qingchun dreaded the scolding from the station manager for being AWOL the whole night and morning without giving the company any notice. Unfortunately for her, the moment she stepped out of the elevator, she bumped into the station manager coming out of the toilet. The manager was caught by surprise before asking, "Song Qingchun, didn't you message me earlier this morning to say that you've to miss work today because you're not feeling well? Why are you here now? Are you feeling better?"

Message him? When did I message the manager to ask for a sick leave?

Song Qingchun looked at the man in confusion for a moment before the truth dawned on her.