Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 594

Chapter 594: Rebirth (8)

Song Qingchun smiled at the station manager and said, "After taking the medicine and going for a sleep, I feel much better. I still need to wrap up the interview from yesterday, so I figured I ought to return to finish the work."

"Good, good, but even so, you need to take care of your health. If the sickness returns, feel free to leave work early."

"Thank you, sir."

After the station manager left, Song Qingchun grabbed her bag and walked to her office. It was during lunch break that Song Qingchun arrived at the company. Many were collapsed at their desks, taking the rest that they needed. Occasionally, one or two her colleagues might pass Song Qingchun on their way to the breakroom, and they nodded with a smile at her.

Tang Nuan was sitting at her own desk. On the surface, she appeared to be working on the computer, but actually, she had been following Song Qingchun out of the corner of her eyes. It was not until Song Qingchun entered her office and closed the door that she pulled her gaze away.

She picked up her bag and placed it on the desk in front of her. She opened it and stared at the small bottle sitting within, her face deep in thought.

Song Qingchun sat in her chair and switched her computer open. Then, she searched for her phone from her pocket. It was just as the station manager had saidthe message mentioning her illness and asking for sick leave was sitting in her sent folder.

It was sent at 4.58 am.

I was asleep then so it was Su Zhinian who used my phone to send this message? But why? Since he already chose to leave me when I was still asleep, why would he help me ask for a sick leave and order the front desk to help me collect my stuff and return the bag to me only at 11 am? His actions are full of contradictions. Does he care for me or not?

The thoughts that she wasted a lot of her energy to shove to the back of her mind at Eldorado resurfaced. Similar to last night, the two figures in her heart started to fight again. The combination of her exhaustion and the medicine from the previous night meant that Song Qingchun had fallen asleep before the match reached its conclusion.

However, now that she was completely awake, the two kept fighting in her mind, and the end was nowhere in sight. It only caused distraction and annoyance within her.

Song Qingchun stood up in frustration and started to pace around her office. Just as she was about to peel her hair out of her scalp, someone knocked on her door. Song Qingchun took a deep breath to present a composed front. She sat back down in her chair and said, "Come in."

The one who walked in was her assistant to report on the summary of the week's work. Initially, Song Qingchun could still pay her assistant some attention, but after a while, it sounded like nothing more than white noise to her as her attention drifted back to Su Zhinian.

Her assistant's report was actually not long, but for Song Qingchun, it felt like forever. As her mind wandered, her gaze fell on a bouquet that was left on her working table. She reached out to pick out a rose and, as she pulled out the rose petals one by one, started to list internally, He loves me, he loves me not

Soon, the last petal was plucked.

He loves me not.

Of course, he doesn't love me. If he did, he wouldn't have bought me that box of morning-after pills, would he? But

If this was before the previous night's incident, Song Qingchun would not have doubted her conviction.