Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 595

Chapter 595: Rebirth (9)

Song Qingchun picked up another rose, and the red rose petals fell from her fingertips one after another. He loves me. He loves me, right? That should be it, or else there is no reason for him to treat me so nicely. But But this, but that, my god, I'm going crazy!

Song Qingchun slammed the rose angrily on the table. The assistant, who was still in the room, took a deep breath and jumped several steps back.

Song Qingchun was then reminded that there was still someone else in her office. She used her fingers to massage her temples and told her assistant weakly, "Thank you, you can go now."

"Yes, Miss Song." As if worried that Song Qingchun would swallow her whole if she stayed in her room any longer, she blurted out an affirmative and left.

Song Qingchun sat in her chair, spacing out for quite some time, before picking up her phone to give Su Zhinian a call. The call rang for a very long time, but no one picked it up. Eventually, Song Qingchun chose to message him instead. "Thank you for your help last night."

About one minute later, her phone showed that the message had been received. She waited for about ten minutes, but there was no reply from Su Zhinian. Therefore, she made another call to Su Zhinian. Similar to before, there was no answer.

Song Qingchun's flustered heart started to get weighed down. She gripped her phone in her palm and sat quietly in the chair for about an hour. Suddenly, she turned around to the computer like she had found the perfect solution. She swiped the rose petals that littered her table off the edge and pulled the keyboard to sit before her. She entered the world wide web to search for a relationship forum. She clicked to open a new thread and leaned back, biting her nails while staring at the empty thread box. Then she keyed in an eye-grabbing thread title.

"Emergency, waiting online. Slept with an Adonis who refused to be responsible. Asking for advice!"

Then Song Qingchun started typing the content.

"Dear almighty forum users, I'm stuck in a conundrum and need you to come to my aid. Mr. S is rich, handsome, and fits every female's idea of an Adonis. Due to various reasons, we shared a period of close interaction, and I found myself falling for him.

"Initially, I told myself to keep my love in my heart, but on the night of Mr. S's birthday, the heart decided to do what it wanted, and it made me confess to Mr. Su. Unfortunately, I was cruelly rejected by Mr. S with the reason that he already had someone else living in his heart.

"I thought that was the end of my story with Mr. S. However, some time later, Mr. S had too much to drink, and I was asked to take care of him. We accidentally slept together that night. The next morning, it was a complete tragedy. Mr. S left me with nothing but a box of morning-after pills.

"It took a long time for me to get over Mr. S, but last night, when I was almost raped by a man at work, at the most crucial moment, Mr. S appeared like Superman to save me. He not only rescued me but also beat that offending man into a pulp.

"Mr. S and the uncle of the man who tried to take advantage of me belong in the same shareholders group. After Mr. S helped me get into bed (Mr. S has no idea that after he left, I woke up and managed to hear everything), he called the uncle over to force him out of the shareholders group. He told the uncle that it was because of me that he was doing all thisit was the uncle's nephew's fault for coming after his woman!"