Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 596

Chapter 596: Rebirth (10)

"After I woke up, Mr. S had already left. However, before he left, Mr. S used my phone to ask for a sick leave from my company on my behalf and ordered the staff not to disturb my sleep.

"An hour ago, I reached out to him using the excuse that I wished to thank him. I've messaged and called him in person, but he did not answer to either. I really am at a loss to his true feeling, so my dear forum users, please tell me, do you think Mr. S likes me or not?"

After Song Qingchun typed out everything, she scanned it twice for mistakes and typos before pressing the confirm button. She did not have time to wait for the reply to come because her assistant barged into her room to ask her to attend a staff meeting. Song Qingchun had no choice but to close the internet browser, collect her stuff off the table, and rush out of her office.

When the meeting finished, it was almost time to get off work. Song Qingchun did not have the time to go visit her father at the hospital the day before, so she quickly packed up all her stuff and left for the hospital.

Song Qingchun had not had anything to eat since that morning. The food at the hospital was overly light, and it did not fit her appetite. So, before she got to the hospital, she took a detour to a fast food restaurant near her company to purchase a set meal.

When she was waiting for her order, Song Qingchun remembered the thread that she had posted. She logged into the forum via her phone and was given a shock of her life. Her thread had managed to acquire more than ten thousand replies in less than two hours.

When she used to scroll through Google Answers and Baidu, she was familiar with viral questions, but she did not expect that she would end up being the creator of one. Song Qingchun clicked open her thread to scan through the replies.

User 1: Pics or fake news, NEXT.

User 2: As u should know, we advocate breaks up.

User 3: Too difficult to process.

User 4: OP, which web novel's plot have you copied this from?

User 5: Obviously, he only likes your body but not your person. Regardless, he won't let others get close to your body. That's how those temperamental types act.

User 6: I'm also very temperamental, and I agree with the poster above me.

These are all nonsense replies

Song Qingchun grumbled internally about the lack of civility and responsibility on the internet. She flipped through many pages of comments before she found some that made sense.

"He has someone he likes but still treats you wellthis proves that he perhaps also likes you but is fighting within himself over who he likes more, you or the person in his heart."

"OP, all this happened because Mr. S was drunk, right? If you really want an answer, you should test him when he's sober. Just go up to him and force yourself on his lips. From his bodily reaction, you'll be able to tell whether he's really into you or not!" a user by the name of 'Lu Jinnian's biggest fan' commented.

"Yes, I raise both my hands and feet in agreement. This kind of love speculation is the most annoying. Instead of tormenting yourself over it, you should ask him in person," a user by the name of "Ye Fei Ye's books are the most interesting" replied to the user above. Then the two of them started chatting among themselves.