Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 597

Chapter 597: Song Qingchun's Test (1)

Lu Jinnian's Biggest Fan: "But I feel OP doesn't have the courage to hash it out with Mr. S in person or else she wouldn't have come online to ask us for help."

Ye Fei Ye's books are the most interesting: "You may be right. After all, OP has been rejected once already. Plus, the morning-after pills must have been a great blowany sane girl would have lost all trace of courage."

Lu Jinnian's Biggest Fan: "It is indeed easier said than done. Then again, better a finger off than aye wagging. Like what you mentioned earlier, instead of being tormented endlessly, might as well lay it out in the open and get it over with."

Ye Fei Ye's books are the most interesting: "True, so at the end of the day, I still support the OP going to demand clarification from Mr. S. After all, OP, what do you have to lose? The worst result is another rejection, which you've already experienced."

The conversation between the two reached an astounding number, more than one hundred posts. Eventually, they also attracted the attention of other users.

Millie is my Husbando: "I also think OP should demand an explanation from Mr. Su, what is the meaning of his actions, why is he playing hard to get? Is he out searching for a spare tire?"

Ye Fei Ye's books are the most interesting: "True. Ask! Ask! Ask! Important things have to be repeated thrice."

Miya Grows Mayo: "Indeed, OP you've been rejected twice already, so what's there to lose? We'll be rooting for you!"

Lu Jinnian's Biggest Fan: "Why don't you replicate what he did? Get suitably wasted and go approach him! If all else fails, you can pretend to forget it ever happens!"

Millie is my Husbando: "Wonderful idea. 10/10, would support again!"

Ye Fei Ye's books are the most interesting: "I second the proposition! OP, get some alcohol in you and go search for Mr. S. Even if you're rejected, it won't be too awkward since you'll be drunk! The alcohol will soften the blow!"

Miya Grows Mayo: "True, true. Alcohol hides many things, OP. You can make use of this opportunity to feel out Mr. S, like pretending to sprain your ankle while drunk. If a man loves a woman, he will immediately come to her rescue at a moment's notice, and he will be extremely nervous."

The conversation started to pick up the pace as more users joined in the thread. There were simply too many replies, and Song Qingchun did not have the time nor the inclination to go through them one by one. For the most part, of the replies she scanned through, the users urged her to demand an answer from Su Zhinian.

In the end, there was a user by the name of "Tangtang loves Yangyang" who summarized the whole thread. "OP, if you have the courage, then go and find Mr. S to plant a kiss on his lips. If his body reacts to you in a certain way, then you can ask him whether he likes you or not. If you don't think you're courageous enough to do that, you can rely on liquid courage. Ps. Ye Fei Ye's books are the most interesting, you're also reading her writing? I'm her biggest fan."

Ye Fei Ye's books are the most interesting: "Is this Ye Fei Ye's fan club what's happening?"

Perhaps it was the courage lent to her by the hundreds of internet users or perhaps Song Qingchun couldn't rest easy not knowing the answer, but as she scrolled down the thread, she raised her hand to wave the waiter over to ask for a can of beer.