Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Living With A Temperamental Adonis 6
Chapter 6: Living With a Temperamental Adonis (6)
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It would not be true to say Song Qingchun had a close relationship with Su Zhinian's mother, especially not after that incident, she had no interaction with Su Zhinian, much less his mother.

In Song Qingchun's memory, his mother was pretty, kind, and affectionate, in essence, a completely different character from her son. Song Qingchun could not be sure whether Su Zhinian's mother remembered her or not, and she too realized her sudden visit could be construed in a wrong way, but for the sake of Song Empire, for the sake of her sick father and dead brother, Song Qingchun still went to visit Su Zhinian's mother one Saturday afternoon.

The bungalow was located on a hill northern side of Beijing. It was right next to a water dam and had a perfect surrounding. Song Qingchun managed to locate her home using the address that she found on the internet.

The bungalow door was open wide and there was no guard. Song Qingchun stepped into the perfectly trimmed patio and pressed the doorbell. Several minutes later, she could hear footsteps coming from within. The door then opened to reveal a pretty face that had some similarities to Su Zhinian's features.

Even after so many years, Song Qingchun could tell at first glance this was Su Zhinian's mother. She gave her the presents that she bought and introduced herself politely.

"Auntie Su, I am Qingchun."

Su Zhinian's mother probably still remembered Song Qingchun because she invited her in only after hearing her name and did not ask about anything else. Her enthusiasm and kindness soothed Song Qingchun's beating heart. Su Zhinian's mother had a good impression of the girl and vice versa. After a short conversation, all the awkwardness went out the window.

When it was five pm, Su Zhinian's mother started to prepare dinner. Since her impression of Song Qingchun only improved through the afternoon, she even invited Song Qingchun to stay for dinner. Song Qingchun's purpose was to meet with Su Zhinian, so she accepted her invitation and even joined her in the kitchen to cook two dishes.

After cooking dinner, Song Qingchun excused herself to use the toilet. When she pulled the bathroom door open, she heard the click of the front door. Song Qingchun subconsciously turned to look down at the entrance and saw Su Zhinian in a black windbreaker walk in.

Su Zhinian was shrugging off his windbreaker when he saw Song Qingchun. His action stopped for a second as his brows creased into a frown. He then asked with obvious displeasure, "What are you doing here?"

Before Song Qingchun could answer, Su Zhinian's mother, who heard the front door open, exited the kitchen and said, "Zhinian, you're home!"

Then she came to take his son's windbreaker that was stuck on his arms and hung it on the coat rack. She then added, "You still remember Qingchun, right? She is your Uncle Song's daughter, she came to visit me today, and I invited her to stay with us for dinner."

After hearing his mother's explanation, Su Zhinian shot an icy glance at Song Qingchun. Song Qingchun could hear the displeasure in Su Zhinian's earlier question, and when she received his cold gaze, she had a feeling he would toss her out the next second and her heart stopped.

To her relief, Su Zhinian only glared at her for about five seconds before shifting his gaze away and nodded at his mother as he mumbled an incoherent "mm", signifying his understanding.

His mother smiled. "Alright, stop standing there. Go wash your hands and prepare for dinner."