Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 60

Chapter 60: The Person Hiding In My Memory 10
Chapter 60: The Person Hiding in My Memory (10)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

As the clock struck seven, Cheng Qingchong returned to Su Zhinian's office to see the man standing motionlessly before the floor-length window, staring out at the city of lights. This kind of Su Zhinian radiated a uniquely sad charm, which stunned Cheng Qingchong for as long as thirty seconds, leaving her standing by the open door.

Su Zhinian did not turn around, but he knew someone was behind him. He waited for about thirty seconds and heard no voice, so he opened his mouth to ask softly, "Yes?"

Cheng Qingchong shivered from shock. She knew the man was not looking at her, but she still hurriedly lowered her gaze and tried her best to sound normal as she said, "CEO Su, you have a dinner meeting at 8 pm. The car is ready; it is time to go."

Su Zhinian did not answer but continued to look out the window. As he made to turn, the phone on his table suddenly rang. Cheng Qingchong immediately took the phone and passed it to Su Zhinian. "CEO Su, your call."

Su Zhinian accepted the phone and his emotionless face lowered to look at the caller ID. Cheng Qingchong swore she saw Su Zhinian's fingers shake violently for a moment.

She had joined ST Empire as Su Zhinian's secretary right after graduating from university. She had stayed by his side for so many years and had been through so many ups and downs with him, but she had never seen something that could elicit a visceral emotion from her Big Boss over the many years. That phone call, though, had done the impossible

Out of curiosity, Cheng Qingchong snuck at glance at Su Zhinian's phone and saw it was not a person's name showing on screen but a line of words: the person hiding in my memory.

The person hiding in my memory So poetic Is this someone CEO Su likes?

Cheng Qingchong could not help but raise her lids to look at Su Zhinian and was shocked to realize he had lost his soul staring at incoming call on his phone. Right at the moment Cheng Qingchong thought Su Zhinian was going to miss the call due to his daze, the man suddenly swiped at the screen and waved at her, signaling for her to leave the room.

Cheng Qingchong bowed respectfully and turned to leave. Su Zhinian waited until the door was closed, then he said "hello" into the phone. The silence on the other end of the line lasted for quite some time before Song Qingchun came on, mumbling unclearly, "I want a day-off!"

Day-off? To celebrate her birthday with Qin Yinan? He knew that it wouldn't be a good reason that made her call him

A chilliness frosted over Su Zhinian's eyes and he replied without thinking, "In your dreams!"

"Su Zhinian, I want a day-off!" Su Zhinian frowned hearing Song Qingchun calling him by his full name, before he could make sense of the situation, Song Qingchun launched into her barrage of reasons. "I need a day-off because I'm sick! I'm getting married! I'm giving birth!"

Su Zhinian frowned even deeper. "Song Qingchun, have you lost your mind?"

"Su Zhinian" Song Qingchun ignored Su Zhinian completely and continued yelling her reasons at the phone, "I need to stay home to care for my baby! I don't care, you have to approve my day-off"

F*ck your day-off!

Su Zhinian cursed internally and hissed threateningly at his phone, "8 pm sharp, if I don't see at the bungalow at 8 pm sharp, then"

Before Su Zhinian could finish, he suddenly heard an unfamiliar male voice coming from the other end of phone. "Hello, are you a friend of this phone's owner?"