Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 600

Chapter 600: Song Qingchun's Test (4)

While she was shopping, he stayed behind her the whole time. She selected many things, and those were all his favorite food.

She had left her bag on the sofa in his living room, so even though she searched for a long time at the check-out counter, her wallet was not to be found. It was only when the man placed his wallet in her palm that she broke out into smile and commented self-deprecatingly, "Oh, the wallet was in my hands all along."

After paying the bill, she walked about one meter ahead of him while pushing the trolley. It was about two hundred meters from the market to Su Zhinian's residential area, and along the way, they were plenty of 24-hour convenience store and pharmacies.

When she passed one of the pharmacies, she suddenly stopped moving. She stared at the shop blankly for quite some time before depositing her trolley and dashing into the shop. He had no idea what she was up to, so he immediately picked up the trolley and ran to catch up to her. When he reached the door, she was coming out with her hands overflowing with medicine boxes. The cashier was running behind her, saying, "Miss, you still haven't paid for those."

Su Zhinian immediately pulled out his wallet and passed the cashier several bank notes before chasing after Song Qingchun, who was stumbling toward the next door convenience store. Similar to before, just as he reached the entrance, she was running out of it with a bottle of mineral water in her grasp. Then, she squatted down by the roadside and started peeling open the medicine boxes like her life depended on it.

He had no idea what kind of medicine it was because he was too busy paying the manager of the convenience store.

When he walked closer to Song Qingchun, he realized the boxes were all morning-after pills. He dumped the trolley he was dragging along on the street and reached out to grab the hand that was in the middle of popping the pills into her mouth.

"Who are you? Why are you stopping me? Let me go!" With a deep frown on her face, she groused as she struggled to shake her hands loose from his grasp.

"You like me taking these pills, don't you? I'm just trying to make you happy!" Since she couldn't pry her hand away from his grip, she raised the box that was in her other hand to her lips and used her teeth to peel the packaging away.

She was so fast that before he managed to stop her, she already popped the pill into the mouth. Su Zhinian in his haste grabbed all the pills away from her and tossed them into the nearby trashcan. Then he gripped her chin and used his forefinger to reach into her throat to pull the pill that was running down her throat right out of her mouth.

Annoyed at the man's intervention, Song Qingchun clamped her mouth shut to bite on his finger. There was force behind her chomp, and a sharp pain shot through his body, radiating from his finger. However, he still showed no signs of letting the pill go.

As they struggled, Song Qingchun suddenly choked on her own saliva. She immediately released her bite on his finger, turned her head around, and started coughing.

He reached out to pat her lightly on her back. After she stopped coughing, she turned around to smile thinly at him. "Thank you"

He knew she was so out of it that she couldn't even recognize him anymore. The next second, she said, "Can I borrow your phone?"

Before waiting for his consent, she reached for his pocket. He grabbed her wandering hand and placed his phone right in her palm.

She thanked him as she pulled the phone away. She unlocked it and started dialing a number. Su Zhinian was incredibly familiar with that number because it was his phone number.

She dialed the number, and it was the automated female operator who answered. "I'm sorry, the number you're calling in the middle of another call."

However, Song Qingchun acted like she didn't hear it and begged pleadingly, "Su Zhinian, I'm drunk, can you come fetch me? Why aren't you talking? You don't want to help me, is that it?"

As she demanded, he could clearly see two lines of tears running down her face.