Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 602

Chapter 602: Song Qingchun's Test (6)

The girl in her drunken state started to blabber. She demanded in a teary tone, "Why didn't you answer?"

Suddenly, she jumped up from the floor to run to him and grabbed his arms. With a face covered in tears and a smile, she stared at him and asked, "You will promise me that, right?"

The hope at the bottom of her eyes made Su Zhinian's eyes start to water. He turned his head away unconsciously to avert her gaze.

"I know, you will not agree to it" Disappointment entered the girl's voice. She lowered her head, and her grip on his arm tightened. She suddenly raised her head again and requested with great expectation, "But, can't you just lie to me just this once and say okay?"

As if afraid that he might even deny her very last wish, she offered many guarantees. "Just lie to me, okay? Just that one word. I swear I'll leave you alone after you say that one word, please?"

Even though she wasn't begging him on her knees, she might as well have been. "I beg you please"

Su Zhinian's face was blanched from the intense heartache, and his lips started to quiver. He forced a breath down before turning around to meet her eyes and was about to give her the "okay" that she wanted when the girl suddenly shook her head and mumbled dispiritedly to herself, "I'm sorry, I got the wrong person. Of course, he wouldn't be here You're not him, I'm sorry, I got the wrong person Sorry"

Then, she released her grip on his arm and wandered back to her original spot. Just as she was about to run into the trashcan, she stopped, her mouth still mumbling, "I'm sorry, I got the wrong person."

Then, she slowly squatted down and started to cry into her sleeves. When he grabbed all of the pills away from her and dumped them into the trashcan, one happened to fall out of the can and landed right beside her leg.

As she wept, her eyes started to wander toward it. Then, with shaking fingers, she reached out to grab it. She raised the box to before her eyes and used the dim streetlight to stare at the words on the packaging. Like a child learning how to speak for the first time, she read the words one by one. "Emergency, morning, after, pills"

After reading the product name for the first time, she paused as if waiting for the words to line up in her mind. Then, she repeated in a light voice once more, "Emergency morning-after pills morning-after pills"

With her mouth still hanging open, she turned around to look at him. She asked softly, "Do you think he'll come see me if I follow his direction and take these pills?"

Su Zhinian felt like something sharp was lodged in his throat, and it caused pain to come to his eyes.

The girl was completely submerged in her own world. She paid him no heed. After saying that sentence, she reached out to start patting the ground with both of her hands. When she found her phone, her face that was filled with tears broke into smile as she raised the phone to her ears. Then she said with forced levity, "Su Zhinian, can you please come see me? I promise you, I will be a good girl and eat however many morning-after pills you want me to eat Su Zhinian"

Before Song Qingchun finished her sentence, Su Zhinian, who stood some distance away, suddenly started to walk toward her. He then bent down to pick her up from the floor.