Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 604

Chapter 604: Song Qingchun's Test (8)

Song Qingchun felt like she had woken up from her deepest sleep in months. The midday sun was already shining when her eyes fluttered open.

The hangover caused her a great headache. When she opened her eyes, her mind was still fuzzy.

She pooled the cover around her out of habit. She thought about lying in bed even longer, but the familiar yet faded scent that drifted into her nostrils caused her to frown. Then, it hit her that the cover was not the pink one that she normally used; it was in deep blue color. This was obviously a male style.

Song Qingchun's drowsiness was completely shattered like someone had swung a bat at it. She sat up instantly in bed. Her eyes wandered about, and it finally dawned on her that she was in Su Zhinian's bedroom.

Why am I here? Song Qingchun's frown deepened. Before she realized what was happening, the bedroom door was pushed open, and Su Zhinian dressed in a white casual shirt walked in with a several articles of clothing in his arms.

Song Qingchun recognized those as the clothes that she had worn the previous night. She whipped her head downwards unconsciously and realized with a start that she was wearing Su Zhinian's shirt.

Oh my God, what is going on? Why am I sleeping in his bed and wearing his shirt? When did I remove my clothes and put his on? How come I have no memory of such an event? The more Song Qingchun thought about it, the greater the pain in her head.

Su Zhinian stopped at a spot about a meter away from the bed. He dropped her clothes on the bed and said lightly, "Go freshen up if you're awake, then come downstairs for breakfast."

Then, without waiting for her response, he turned and left the room. As the bedroom door closed with a click, Song Qingchun scoured her mind for an explanation as she slowly descended from the bed and walked toward the bathroom.

Song Qingchun wandered to the sink counter, and when she noticed the new toothbrush and cup on the counter, she knew they had been specially prepared by Su Zhinian. She grabbed them off the counter and started to brush her teeth.

Song Qingchun moved the toothbrush twice before she raised her head to look into the mirror. Her eyes widened to their maximum. What happened here?

The one-meter-wide mirror was covered in words written in lipstick.

Even the white wall around it was not spared from the lipstick. Song Qingchun was immensely familiar with the lipstick color because it was the one that she used every day.

With the toothbrush dangling from her lips, Song Qingchun was stunned before she lowered her head to look toward the trashcan and saw the emptied Chanel lipstick that was sitting in it. Song Qingchun blinked several times before she calmed her beating heart. Then, she turned to read the writing on the mirror and wall.

"Su Zhinian is a big bully", "Su Zhinian is a horrible person", "Su Zhinian is a liar"

These insults, Song Qingchun was very familiar with them because they were written in her handwriting

The toothbrush fell from her lips and landed in the sink. She stared at those scolding words and used a great store of energy to calm her heart down. Then she lowered her head to pick up the toothbrush. She cleaned it, squeezed another squirt of toothpaste on it, and continued brushing her teeth. She could not help her eyes from wandering to the wall of text.

"Su Zhinian loves Song Qingchun", "Song Qingchun loves Su Zhinian the most", "Su Zhinian will love Song Qingchun forever"