Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 605

Chapter 605: Song Qingchun's Test (9)

Song Qingchun's hand shook and the edge of her toothbrush poked into her gum, the jolt of pain caused tears to come to her eyes. She took several deep breaths before the pain subsided. Then, she continued to brush her teeth as she looked toward the mirror and wall.

Pretty much all of the words were written in her handwriting and they expressed her love toward Su Zhinian

Thinking about Su Zhinian that was sitting downstairs, she prayed for a hole open up on the floor where she could hide inside forever. I must have been incredibly wasted to have done something so humiliating

Song Qingchun shook her head twice to clear her mind. She was above to rinse her mouth when she saw two lines of words that were written in a cursive handwriting out of the corner of her eyes.

"Su Zhinian is a big bully", "Su Zhinian is a horrible person", "Su Zhinian is a liar"

"Su Zhinian loves Song Qingchun", "Song Qingchun loves Su Zhinian the most", "Su Zhinian will love Song Qingchun forever"

Song Qingchun's expression froze. This is Su Zhinian's handwriting. I have alcohol to excuse my behavior, but what about him? Did he drink as well?

With the toothpaste bubbles still in her mouth, Song Qingchun stared at the two lines for about five minutes before she blinked, realizing what had really happened the prior night. She had been about to visit her father at the hospital when she was inspired by the forum users and borrowed liquid courage to demand an explanation from Su Zhinian but she got wasted before she could garner the courage to ask for clarification from him.

No wonder the headache was so pronounced when she woke up! It was the effect from the heavy drinking. Then again, why would I end up at Su Zhinian's home? Did I call him without me knowing?

Song Qingchun fetched a cup of water to gurgle her mouth. She spat out the water, placed the toothbrush and cup back on the counter, and rushed out of the bathroom.

She circled Su Zhinian's bathroom twice before her eyes landed on her bag that was sitting on the sofa. She rushed toward it and flipped it open to search for her phone. She clicked it open to look at her call history.

There's no record of me calling Su Zhinian So how did I end up here?

Song Qingchun looked at her phone with a face full of confusion. She returned to the bathroom, her brows deeply locked in contemplation.

She remembered standing up from her seat after downing three bottles of beer. There was a rush that compelled her to go seek out Su Zhinian. However, she merely took two steps when the drive left her, and she slumped back down into her seat. She remembered calling the waiter to bring her another four bottles of beer!

Song Qingchun opened the faucet and used the water to clean her face as she reminisced about the previous night's events.

Six bottles were her limit. It was then she had realized that she was becoming drunk and her consciousness was flagging. She had been afraid that she might not remember Su Zhinian's reaction despite the fact she had the courage to call him, so she had turned on her phone's recording function. She had swiped through her phone, but it had felt as if the words were floating about, so she had asked the waiter for help.

When Song Qingchun's thought reached this part, before cleaning the toothpaste off her face, she rushed out of the bathroom to grab her phone.

The phone was still recording even though hours had passed.