Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 607

Chapter 607: Accidential Discovery (1)

There was the sound of the door being opened, followed by his footsteps and the sound of her bag landing on the plush sofa. Finally, he said, "Sit here and be quiet. I'll go draw you a bath."

Song Qingchun, who was listening to the recording, had no recollection of what her past self was thinking. In any case, she suddenly quietened down and replied to Su Zhinian with an obedient and affirmative "Okay."

Su Zhinian turned to walk toward the bathroom, but before he reached it, there was sound of vomiting on the recording. I even vomited last night?

Song Qingchun bit the edge of her lip when she heard Su Zhinian's voice say, "Don't move, it's very dirty!"

There was a continuous shuffling of frantic footsteps before the sound of the door being pulled open and then finally the sound of rushing water.

The phone had been left back in the living room, and the action was happening in the bathroom, so the audio was faint. Song Qingchun increased the volume of her phone to the maximum, and through the sound of water, she could hear herself groaning. "I don't want to take a shower, no water"

Then, there was sharp yell from Su Zhinian. "Careful!"

Following which, the sound of something akin to a person falling to the floor came through the earbuds. She expected her own yelp of pain, but what came was Su Zhinian's grunt.

Song Qingchun's expression was one of shock. Su Zhinian used his body to shield me before I fell?

From the grunt, she could guess he probably had injured some part of his body trying to save her. Before the thought coalesced in Song Qingchun's mind, she could hear her voice that had softened and slurred from alcohol saying, "Oppa, you look so pretty, why do you look so similar to the person that I love?"

Oppa? Where did that come from?

Song Qingchun shut her eyes and took a deep breath. However, before she could take in the full breath, she could hear Su Zhinian's rather urgent and angry roar. "Song Qingchun, stop! Where are you touching"

Where was I touching? What?

"Song Qingchun, stay still or I'll just throw you into the tub!"

Sounds like I was lying on top of him 'cause he jumped down as a meat shield to break my fall Song Qingchun's heart skipped a beat.

"Song Qingchun, do you not hear me" Following that growl, there was the sound of him sucking in a sharp breath and the sound of him hissing desperately, "Song Qingchun, stop, stop reaching down there!"

"Hmm? What is this? Why is it so hard?"

When Song Qingchun heard her own voice said that, she finally understood what was happening, and her face burned bright. Her hands had actually wandered to that part of his body when she was drunk

Song Qingchun felt like her knees were going to give.

There was an assortment of screams and growls on the recording, and she had a hard time telling what was happening in the bathroom, but she believed that Su Zhinian had managed to stop her perverted actions. About half a minute later, she heard her drunken voice again. "Oppa, why are you dousing yourself with cold water?"

Song Qingchun, who was now sober, knew the answer to the question she was asking the previous night.

  1. Oppa is Korean for brother. It's typically used by females as a title for their older brother, older male friend, or even in a flirtatious way.