Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 608

Chapter 608: Accidental Discovery (2)

She bit on her lips out of shyness and heard Su Zhinian demand angrily, "Get out!"

Then, there was no sound other than running water. About one minute later, Song Qingchun heard her own soft weeping.

For shame It is all her fault for being so unreasonable to begin with, so why is she crying now? My God, I can't stand myself! Even Song Qingchun had a hard time siding with herself.

"Come now, stop crying."

Su Zhinian was trying to console me?

Song Qingchun's mouth fell open. The girl in the recording started to wail in earnest, probably because she realized she could pull one over Su Zhinian. The sound of the water had stopped, so Su Zhinian's words were exceptionally clear. "I'm sorry, it was my mistake for yelling at you Stop crying, okay?"

Song Qingchun stood quietly in the bathroom, listening to the man on the recording, her heart melting into a pool of water in that instant.

However, the Song Qingchun in the recording was not so easily appeased. The girl suddenly slapped Su Zhinian's hand before escaping out of his grasp. She seemed to have run into the living room and then back into the bathroom. Song Qingchun believed the outburst was to grab the bag that was left in the living room because the quality of recording became much clearer.

There was an indistinct sound on the phone before her resentment-filled voice shot through.

"Su Zhinian is a big bully!

"Su Zhinian is a horrible person!

"Su Zhinian is a liar"

Then Song Qingchun heard tapping sounds, suddenly understanding how that lipstick writing had ended up on the mirror and wall. She had scolded Su Zhinian to such a degree, but the man had not said a word.

For some reason, the girl in the recording suddenly softened her tone as she continued to write. The words of resentment slowly turned into words of love.

"Su Zhinian loves Song Qingchun.

"Song Qingchun loves Su Zhinian the most.

"Su Zhinian will love Song Qingchun forever"

She must have had a great time because the sound of lipstick knocking on the surface became louder and louder. In her drunken state, the girl probably thought to share the fun, so she even invited Su Zhinian to join her.

Su Zhinian initially rejected, but her endless begging and needling eventually wore him down. There was a heavy sigh before he submitted. "Fine, fine, I'll write"

"You write, Su Zhinian is a big bully!"

After her command, there was really the sound of writing.

"Also, Su Zhinian is a horrible person, and Su Zhinian is a liar!"

Those were all insults toward him, but he did not seem to mind and followed her order easily. The scratching of the lipstick on the wall came fast and quick like a melody of sorts. In fact, when he finished, he asked, "Anything else?"

She dragged out her "hmm" before she replied, "Write Su Zhinian loves Song Qingchun."

About ten seconds later, there was sound of writing.

So Su Zhinian was forced to write those words but he could have ignored it or written something else, right?