Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Her Honey His Venom 1
Chapter 61: Her Honey, His Venom (1)
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Su Zhinian went silent and stopped talking.

The unfamiliar voice waited and then continued, "The owner is very drunk and is stranded alone at our hotel"

Su Zhinian's brows were creased deeply. Before the voice could finish his sentence, he ran to grab his coat hanging on the rack and dashed out of his office.

"So, can you come or find some other friends who know the owner to come fetch her?"

Su Zhinian, who had stepped into the elevator, asked the moment the voice finished, "Which hotel?"

Even though he was obviously in a rush, there was an annoyance in his tone.

"Beijing Hotel" Before the voice could finish, he hung up. He then glanced at Cheng Qingchong who stood with a curious expression outside the elevator, telling her to cancel the dinner meeting as he repeatedly pressed the "Close" button.

After Su Zhinian reached Beijing Hotel, before he even entered the room, he could hear Song Qingchun's singing, which was akin to a drowning cat, drifting out from within.

"I just can't open my mouth to let her know, I will surely protect you and make you laugh, you are so important to me, I regret not letting you know" 1

Su Zhinian frowned as his hand that grabbed at the door stopped. After he pushed the door open, he saw an undignified Song Qingchun with messy hair sprawled on the floor, holding her high heel in her hand to act as a microphone. With her eyes closed, she poured her whole body and soul into her performance. "I just can't open my mouth to let him know. Those mere simple sentences, I find them so hard to say"

Su Zhinian's first response was to turn and leave. Leaning slightly on the door, he took a deep breath before stepping in. As he entered, he stepped on something hard. He looked down as he took a step back. It was a tube of lipstick. Then Su Zhinian realized Song Qingchun's stuff was littered all over the room's floor. Her other heel was hanging from the window, her bag was tossed to the corner and there was even a pack of sanitary towels left on the corner of the table.

Su Zhinian kicked the lipstick away before moving forward to haul Song Qingchun off the floor.

Song Qingchun's eyes that had become misty from alcohol studied Su Zhinian for a while before she stopped her singing and smiled widely at Su Zhinian.

With his close proximity to Song Qingchun, a haze of alcohol assaulted his sense of smell. Su Zhinian frowned deeply and whipped his head around to the waiter and demanded fiendishly, "How much has she had?"

The waiter involuntarily stepped back due to Su Zhinian's aggression before raising his shaking hand to point at the dining table.

As Su Zhinian turned to look, Song Qingchun suddenly leaned upwards and wrapped her arms around Su Zhinian's neck. Su Zhinian's body tensed, and before he could shrug her off, he heard her say in a coquettish, girlish tone, "Brother Yinan, you're finally here. Do you know that I have waited for you for the whole afternoon"

In her alcohol-addled mind, she had mistaken him for Qin Yinan.

Su Zhinian's face darkened immediately. Without giving it much thought, he pulled Song Qingchun forcefully off his neck and turned to glare at the waiter. His face dropped even further noticing the seven to eight empty bottles of wine on the table. He roared angrily at the waiter, "Who told you to give her so much alcohol!"

The innocent waiter stood there quietly with his head lowered. Internally, he complained; the customer is always right, if she demanded alcohol, how could he possibly deny her?