Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 610

Chapter 610: Accidental Discovery (4)

His low and magnetic voice reverberated in the bathroom, causing her heart to swing with joy. In that moment of self-deception, Song Qingchun even made herself believe Su Zhinian was confessing to her.

When Song Qingchun recovered from his promise of "Su Zhinian loves Song Qingchun forever and ever", the sound of the recording had become incredibly quiet. From the little sound that she could hear, Song Qingchun guessed that her drunken self had gotten tired and was lying in Su Zhinian's bed, falling asleep. He accompanied and comforted her.

Su Zhinian tried getting up after she had fallen asleep, but his movement woke her up. The girl mumbled incoherently in her sleep, and Su Zhinian would immediately reach out to pat her on the back, whispering, "I'm here, go to sleep"

This repeated multiple times before silence reigned. After about ten seconds, Song Qingchun could hear Su Zhinian's very soft footsteps and then the sound of scrubbinghe was probably cleaning away her vomit.

Earlier, the window in the room should have been opened. After he cleaned the room, he closed the window, and the echo in the recording became more pronounced. From the sounds, Song Qingchun could hear Su Zhinian walking into the bathroom. After that, he walked about and should have stopped beside the bed. In any case, other than the sound of her sleeping, there was no other sound.

Just as Song Qingchun thought the recording was over and she was about to pull the earbuds out of her ears, Su Zhinian's very light voice said, "Tell me, what am I going to do with you?"

After that, a very long silence followed before there was a soft sigh by Su Zhinian. Then, the man left the bedroom.

What am I going to do with you? These simple words crashed into Song Qingchun's heart powerfully. Why would Su Zhinian direct such a sentence at me?

It was filled with helplessness laced with heavy sadness like he was caught in a deep struggle.

Could it be that the forum users were right? Su Zhinian actually does like me but still can't let go of that Tingting, so he's hesitating?

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Song Qingchun felt like her heart was going through a rebirth. The box of morning-after pills had completely killed the last shred of hope at the bottom of her heart. She really had believed that it was impossible between them in this lifetime.

If her suspicion had been aroused when he came to her rescue at Eldorado the previous night, then with this recording in her phone, she had confirmed that he still carried her within his heart.

Even though she had no idea how much weight she carried within his heart, it was definitely not as unimportant as he made it out to be. And that was enough.

Her biggest fear after all was not his rejection but that he would treat her like a disposable. She did not mind that he still loved someone else; after all, hadn't she sworn to only love Brother Yinan before? Furthermore, it was already confirmed that he could never end up together with this Tingting.