Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 611

Chapter 611: Accidental Discovery (5)

Holding her phone, Song Qingchun's fingers started to tremble, and her lips curved up uncontrollably. She must have been so deeply in love with Su Zhinianthat was why she could be so happy just knowing he still cared about her.

Her heart that had been weighted down for all these months started to relax. Song Qingchun felt courage surge through her veins. The dearth of courage she had experienced in her office before approaching Su Zhinian disappeared instantly.

Love could really work many miracles; it could knock the wind out of your sail but could also inspire you endlessly. If she still occupied a space in his heart, it meant that she still had hope.

She could actively pursue him, cling onto him, or refuse to leave his side.

Time is a very powerful weapon, it can help you completely forget a person and can help you fall irrevocably in love with another. Therefore, as long as she didn't give up and continued to persist, she believed that she could get Su Zhinian to forget the unrealistic love that he had held onto for years and finally lay his eyes on her!

The more Song Qingchun thought about it, the more excited she became. The blood in her body boiled until she could not wait to rush downstairs to confess to Su Zhinian one more time.

No, wait, that might not be such a good idea The last time she did that, she had been rejected so ruthlessly this meant that Su Zhinian still had not forgotten his Tingting. So, even if she confessed then and there, the result would have been still the same.

If she needed to make Su Zhinian fall in love with her, she needed to get close to him first. Currently, their relationship was barely more than strangers, so how could he possibly consider her as a romantic partner? This was unlike before when he helped her save Song Empire and she lived in his house. The most two recent encounters they had were because of a crucial event. One was because she was drunk, and the other time, she was almost raped but she could not let that happen to her every day, right?

Song Qingchun racked her brain for a long time, trying to come up with an excuse to allow her to stay close to Su Zhinian. She shook her head with a sigh. While she was in the toilet, she cleared her mind and came to the decision to do something crucial first.

She was going to follow the forum users' advice and confirm for one last time whether Su Zhinian truly cared about her or not.

Even though she had the recording as proof, those could have been words he said just to comfort a drunk girl. She needed to see his reaction when she was sober.

The first method given by the users was to force a kiss of his lips and check his body for a reaction

Song Qingchun bit on her fingernail and envisioned the situation in her mind. She did not think she could ever summon the courage to pull that off, so with a shake of her head, the idea was vetoed.

The next method was to pretend to be sick or injured to see how whether he would be worried or not

Song Qingchun nodded to herself and sat up from the toilet. She flushed and took a deep breath before exiting the bedroom and heading downstairs.

When she turned at the staircase landing, she could hear the whirring sound of the exhaust fan. She knew Su Zhinian was in the kitchen.

Song Qingchun took another deep breath, walked past the living room, and slowly sauntered toward the dining room.