Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 613

Chapter 613: Accidental Discovery (7)

The forum users had said that if a man really cared about a woman, he would rush to her aid at a moment's notice when she was in any form of danger Su Zhinian ticked that box.

The forum users had also said that if a man really cared about a woman, his expression would display nervousness and heartache no matter how hard he concealed it when she was injured Su Zhinian also ticked that box.

In conclusion, Su Zhinian did care about her.

Song Qingchun, who was lost in thought, did not notice that Su Zhinian's hands, which were applying the bandage, suddenly halted.

So, when she heard the sentence, "What am I going to do about you?" from her phone recording this proved that he was struggling internally, too.

Struggling because he cared just like how she was when she had not faced the truth of her emotions. She remembered her endless hesitation, her inability to come to a choice

So, she faked a fall to test me, and she had started recording before she arrived at my place drunk last night The edge of Su Zhinian's lips tensed. When he was cooking in the kitchen, he had not been paying attention to what she was doing upstairs. Even though he loved listening to her and the sound of her everyday life, she might have been in the middle of showering! He was not so perverted as to eavesdrop on that.

However, if I had just spared a moment of my time to listen to what she was doing upstairs, I wouldn't have fallen for this trap!

All this while, I've been trying so hard to conceal my real self, but today, I've failed. The cat is out of the bag! Now, how am I going to get out of this one?

Su Zhinian, who was normally calm, started to sweat. Su Zhinian's brain turned at a record speed, but he was still unable to come up with a solution. When he raised his head and met Song Qingchun's gaze, there was a rage that suddenly coursed through his veins. However, it was unclear whether the rage was directed at her or himself.

"Su Zhinian?" Song Qingchun called his name with a frown on her face. He was still gently helping me with the wound seconds ago, what happened?

Su Zhinian's face darkened. He stood up and turned like he did not even hear her. Then he stormed toward the bungalow entrance.

"Su Zhinian!" Song Qingchun jumped up from the sofa and chased after Su Zhinian.

When he pulled the door open, she latched onto his arm. As if acting on instinct, he swung her back forcefully and glared coldly at her, adding, "You'd better not be here when I return."

After he dashed through the door, before the door closed, he pushed a sliver open and hissed ruthlessly, "Also, you'd better make sure that last night is the last time anything like that happens! Do not come to me when you're drunk ever again!"

Then he slammed the door shut.

Song Qingchun was dazed. When she came to, she pulled the door open and looked out. Su Zhinian's car was nowhere to be seen. She stood by the side of the door for a long time in her pajamas before she turned around to walk back into the house.

The good cheer that she had felt moments ago from discovering Su Zhinian's intention left her and her heart frozen.