Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 614

Chapter 614: Accidental Discovery (8)

Song Qingchun stood dumbly in the living room for a long time trying to figure out what had happened to Su Zhinian to make him suddenly flip out.

Her brain started to pour insecurities into her heart until her earlier conviction started to break. The courage that had filled her body earlier started to escape like a deflated balloon. She sighed to suppress the pain around her eyes. Dragging her heavy footsteps, she headed back upstairs.

Her every step was incredibly slow, a great contrast to the bounce in her step when she had bounded down the stairs about ten minutes ago.

In those ten minutes, so many things had happened.

One second, he had been so nervous and anxious about her injury

The next second, he suddenly told her, "Do not come to me when you're drunk ever again"

She believed that only Su Zhinian would be able to toy with her emotions so freely and greatly in this world. Song Qingchun slowly pushed the door to the bedroom open, and then she changed into her own clothes. When she went into the bathroom to take her phone, she glanced at the lipstick writing on the walls, and her eyes started to redden despite her telling herself not to.

She found a nearby cloth, dipped it in water, and slowly wiped the lipstick off the mirror and wall. Then she left the bathroom with her phone. She stood before the sofa and returned the stuff that had spilled out of her bag when she was searching for her phone earlier. Then, she stood up, grabbed her bag, and left.

She held her breath and stormed forward without stopping. When she passed the living room, she did not even glance at the familiar decorations. She was afraid that if she did, she would not be able to stop herself from crying.

Song Qingchun stood at the entrance and was trying to get into her shoes when her tears eventually fell.

She put on her shoes and noticed that the door to one of Su Zhinian's shoe-racks was not closed.

He must have forgotten to close it after he pulled his shoes out and left in a fury.

Song Qingchun reached out to close it for Su Zhinian, but as she leaned downwards, she spotted a few pairs of familiar shoes inside the rack.

Her brows twitched, and she squatted down slowly before pulling the other door open.

Earlier when their contract reached its conclusion and Cheng Qingchong came to chase her out of the house, she had been too angry and insulted to pack her shoes, so she had dropped some of them into the trashcan.

She had not paid attention when she shoved those shoes into the trashcan, so when she returned home, she realized most of them were missing the other pair.

However, these shoes that should have been in the trashcan were all sitting perfectly in his shoe rack.

Who picked them back out? Since Su Zhinian doesn't like me, why did he keep my shoes?

Song Qingchun bit on her lips and unconsciously reached out to touch those shoes. When her hand landed on a pair of golden heels, Song Qingchun saw a familiar piece of packaging inside the rack.