Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 616

Chapter 616: Accidental Discovery (10)

Song Qingchun's breath caught in her throat. She stared at the two articles of clothing on the bed before rolling them up in a hurry, shoving them in her bag, andbounding back downstairs.

"Qingchun, are you coming to visit father in the hospital later?" Fang Rou, who was sitting in the living room folding the clothes, called after her when she saw Song Qingchun rush down the stairs.

"I'll go there later tonight; I'm in the middle of an emergency," Song Qingchun replied as she rushed to the front door.

"What's happening? Why are you rushing all over the place" Before Fang Rou could finish her sentence, Song Qingchun had already slammed the door behind her and jogged her way out of the house.

Song Qingchun stood at the gate to her residential area and waved vehemently in the air to get a taxi. After she got on, she gave the driver the address of Qin Yinan's company. Thankfully, there was not much traffic at that time, so it only took half an hour for her to arrive at Qin Yinan's company.

Song Qingchun grabbed her phone to give Qin Yinan a call as she rushed into his company. Qin Yinan was probably busy because no one answered her call. Song Qingchun got into the lobby and pressed the button for the lift.

Just as the lift was going to arrive, the return call came from Qin Yinan. Song Qingchun pressed the accept button and before Qin Yinan could get the greeting out of his mouth, she asked urgently, "Brother Yinan, where are you now?"

"At the company" Qin Yinan answered instinctively, and after that, he realized the urgency in her voice, so he asked nervously, "What's wrong? Anything happened?"

"I'm at your company's entrance. Can you please come out now? I have something important to ask you!"

Qin Yinan, who was in the middle of an important meeting with his colleagues, immediately dropped the pen in his hand when he heard Song Qingchun mention "something important". He stood up, gave everyone his apology, and rushed out of the room without even taking off his name tag.

From afar, Qin Yinan spotted Song Qingchun standing outside the glass door and rushed over to her. "Song Song."

"Brother Yinan." Song Qingchun jogged to his side and showed him the soaked box and cut right to the point. "Brother Yinan, do you recognize this?"

"Of course I do," Qin Yinan smiled gently like he had heard a joke. "Song Song, the important thing you mentioned is to ask me this? Is today April's Fool"

"Brother Yinan, this is the present that you gave me, right?" Song Qingchun stared at Qin Yinan directly in his eyes and asked him seriously, signaling to him that she was not joking.

Qin Yinan frowned noticing her severity. "Song Song, what's wrong with you? Of course, this was my present to you. It's the New Year present I got you on the ship at North Sea Garden on New Year's Eve"

"New Year's Eve, North Sea Garden, the New Year present you gave me?" Song Qingchun filtered out the main points of Qin Yinan's answer and repeated them to him in the tone of an enquiry.

"Yes" Qin Yinan nodded, and before he realized what was going on, Song Qingchun suddenly turned to run away.