Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 617

Chapter 617: You Like Me, Right? (1)

"Song Song" Qin Yinan was made confused by Song Qingchun's action. He raised his voice to call her name, attempting to get her to stay to explain herself.

Song Qingchun understood what Qin Yinan was trying to do. As she raced out of the lobby, she shouted over her shoulder, "Brother Yinan, I don't have the time to explain it to you now; I need to meet someone. After that, I'll explain everything to you"

She raced down the steps of his company, and there was a taxi sitting by the side of the road. The passenger inside was in the middle of paying the cab fare. She rushed toward it, pulled the door open, and jumped into the backseat.

The passenger took his change and got out. The moment the door closed, Song Qingchun immediately cut in to tell the driver her destination. "ST Empire."

Sitting in the car, Song Qingchun's fingers that held onto the soaked box started to tremble. Initially, she also could not confirm that the box was the present from Qin Yinan. However, when she saw the similar dyes on both clothes, the bold speculation cropped up in her mind. That was why she had gone to ask for confirmation from Qin Yinan. Who would have thought it was really as she speculated? This really was the present given to her by Qin Yinan on New Year's Eve.

On that night, while she was on the phone with Fang Rou, she had been snatched and thrown off board. Since she had just picked her phone out of her bag, the zipper to her bag had been open. As she sought to save herself in the lake, the contents of the bag had spilled out into the lake, and that included the present from her Brother Yinan, which she had not even had the chance to open yet.

At the time, she had even felt a tiny twinge of regret because of this. However, she did not expect that, nine months later, she would have discovered this present that should be at the bottom of North Sea Garden's lake in Su Zhinian's bungalow.

The fact that this present was at Su Zhinian's house could only mean one thing; the person who came to save her when she fell into lake that night was himSu Zhinian!

Song Qingchun's fingers shook violently, and the blood coursing through her veins started to boil. She could even feel every cell in her body start to shake with excitement and agitation.

Therefore the person who had been protecting and watching over her during that period when she was constantly, inexplicably targeted must be related to him as well.

No, not only related to him, her guardian angel was quite possibly him.

This was because when she was almost stabbed by the deliveryman at her company, the first person that came to her rescue was also him!

This present box was like a key that answered all the question in Song Qingchun's mind. Everything started to fall into place.

No wonder she felt that the kiss he gave her when she was in the bathroom at Song Empire's event was so similar to the deep kiss that she received on the grass banks of North Sea Garden.