Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Her Honey His Venom 2
Chapter 62: Her Honey, His Venom (2)
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Without knowing it, Song Qingchun once more curled her arms around Su Zhinian's neck. She snuggled into his chest and mumbled contentedly, "Brother Yinan"

Su Zhinian's arms that were hugging Song Qingchun's waist tightened. He really wanted to give this woman a slap to wake her up, to give her a good view of who he was. But as he turned around to look at the woman's drunken stupor, his brows twitched and hugged her close to his chest. After giving the waiter another dead-eye, he moved to collect Song Qingchun's stuff that was tossed all over the room with her in his arms.

Before Su Zhinian left the room hugging Song Qingchun, he glared at the waiter with residual anger. The waiter had retreated so much that his back was plastered to the water. Noticing Su Zhinian was leaving, he took a deep breath and called after him carefully, "Sir"

Su Zhinian looked over his shoulder with his wintry gaze. "What else?"

The waiter closed his eyes and muttered in a voice as small as a mosquito, "Sir, the lady still hasn't cleared the account"

After Su Zhinian paid the hotel, he shoved Song Qingchun into his car with a stony expression. He got in and slammed on the pedal. Song Qingchun, who was sat beside him, was incredibly fussy; she kept moving about, and at one time, she even tried to grab the steering wheel.

Su Zhinian stepped on the brakes and turned to tighten the seatbelt on Song Qingchun. Song Qingchun flailed her arms at him. Su Zhinian tore his tie off to wrap it tightly around Song Qingchun's wrists.

Song Qingchun, who was tied up, started to quiet down, but then she started to murmur. "I've only left for a short while and already started to worry about how you're doing today. My mind's filled with you, as I think about you, I can't fall asleep. My happiness is you, as I think about you, I always smile. When you're not here, it's so hard for me to bear."

Su Zhinian kept one hand on the steering wheel while the other massaged this temple that was starting to ache.

"You are so important to me, I regret not letting you know I can only watch from afar, I can do all these things, but that person is already not me

"Brother Yinan I"

It was as if Su Zhinian could tell what Song Qingchun was going to say next because he suddenly reached into the passenger compartment to pick out two pieces of chewing gum and shoved them into Song Qingchun's mouth.

The car returned to its earlier silence, other than the sound of Song Qingchun's chewing.

With his unsmiling face, Su Zhinian slammed on the gas pedal.

When they reached the bungalow, Su Zhinian hugged Song Qingchun and carried her out of his car. He held Song Qingchun close to his heart with one hand as his other keyed in the house's access code. He only reached the third digit, when Song Qingchun shivered violently and started to cough.

Song Qingchun had vomited all over him.

Su Zhinian's finger paused above the keyboard for quite some time before he glanced at her with a side eye. Song Qingchun, who was completely incognizant of the situation, rolled her head around on his chest, which was now dirtied by her vomit, giggling to herself. After a few seconds, Song Qingchun's vomit was plastered to her own face and hair.

Su Zhinian, who had an obsession with cleanliness, almost vomited himself witnessing this. He lowered his arm that held Song Qingchun and moved his arm under her shoulders instead as he speedily keyed in the password. As the door unlocked, he dragged Song Qingchun impatiently and forcefully upstairs before tossing her into the shower.

Su Zhinian opened the faucet to wet his fingers to help Song Qingchun comb the dirt out of her hair and face. After he washed the dirt on his fingers away, he took his dirtied shirt off.