Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 620

Chapter 620: You Like Me, Right? (4)

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"CEO Su is currently in the second meeting room"

As Cheng Qingchong said that, Song Qingchun turned around and headed toward the second meeting room like she was on a warpath. Cheng Qingchong was startled before she realized what Song Qingchun was up to. She called out again, "Miss Song," as she rushed ahead to stop her. However, she was ultimately too late. When she turned around, Song Qingchun already had her leg in the air, and she kicked the door to the second meeting room wide open.

The sales manager who was standing before the screen with the remote in his hand froze in place. The eyes of everyone in the meeting room instantly turned to Song Qingchun, who was standing at the meeting room door.

Su Zhinian, who had stormed out of his house and left Song Qingchun behind, had a hard time concentrating at work. There was a bad feeling at the bottom of his stomach, so during the meeting, he had mentally not been completely there. It was only when he realized that