Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 621

Chapter 621: You Like Me, Right? (5)

After everyone had left, Cheng Qingchong tactfully closed the door behind her. In the large meeting room, only Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian remained. The big screen had started to show the screen saver due to extended period of inactivity. The words "ST Empire" were bouncing all over it.

Su Zhinian leaned back in his chair for a moment before standing up slowly to walk to the screen. He picked up the remote to turn off the screen. Then he tossed the remote back onto the table. Following the sound of the remote landing on the hard surface, his eyes fell quietly on Song Qingchun, whose chest was rising up and down due to the fury within her. "Tell me what you want to discuss with me."

I have already dropped the box before him, and I don't believe that a man with his level of intelligence doesn't know what I'm hinting at. To think he still has the audacity to ask what I want to talk about!

The fact that the words that came out of his mouth were not to explain the origin of this box but to ask her what she wanted to discuss with him made the fire in Song Qingchun's chest flare up even more. She took a brazen step forward to grab the box that was left on the table and lobbed it angry at Su Zhinian. She hissed through gritted teeth, "Su Zhinian, you horrible liar!"

The man stood where he was quietly and didn't evade. The box brushed the edge of his ear before hitting the screen behind him. It bounced back and landed beside his feet. He was not fazed by Song Qingchun's anger. In fact, he even leisurely bent over slowly to pick up the box.

The moment he straightened himself up, Song Qingchun pulled the zipper to her bag open and poured the contents onto the meeting table. She then grabbed the plane ticket and tossed it heavily at Su Zhinian as she scolded, "You're a horrible liar!"

The plane ticket was too light, so even though Song Qingchun tossed it at him with great force, it merely fluttered down onto the table before it even reached Su Zhinian. Su Zhinian lowered his gaze to look at the plane ticket, but his face was still as calm as ever.

Song Qingchun pulled out the two balled up shirts, walked to Su Zhinian, and opened them wide on the table before him. With her shaking finger, she pointed at her own dress and Su Zhinian's shirt. "Blue, red, green, yellow… The paint that stuck to my clothes when I was painting at Japan can be found on your shirt as well!"

Song Qingchun pulled out the plane ticket from underneath the clothes and waved it heavily at Su Zhinian, adding, "The day I returned from Japan, you also returned from Japan, and you were even on the same flight as me! When I was in Japan, I received a phone call from your secretary, Miss Cheng, to inquire about your location…"

Song Qingchun raised her eyes to lock with Su Zhinian's dark eyes. She demanded seriously, "You were also in Japan for those few days, right?"

Su Zhinian closed his eyes but didn't speak.

"The period of time I was in Japan, you were in Japan trailing me, weren't you?"

Song Qingchun slammed the plane ticket on the table, grabbed the box from Su Zhinian's hands, and continued to press. "Fine… don't speak, never mind, how about this?"