Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 622

Chapter 622: You Like Me, Right? (6)

"This is the birthday present that Brother Yinan gave me on New Year's Eve, do you mind explaining to me why it appeared at your house?"

No wonder I've been feeling so weirded-out since I left home… something did happen.

Su Zhinian still held an expression of insouciance, but the hands that were hanging by his side had started to grip with force. He really had not expected the girl to stumble across the items that he had shoved inside the shoe rack. If he had known this was going to happen, he would have destroyed the whole box when he had the opportunity.

"You're still not going to say anything, are you?" Song Qingchun's voice had started to tremble from anger. She stared at him directly and continued without batting an eye. "Fine, do it your way because I can answer it for you. The reason this present was at your house is because when I was pushed overboard into the lake at North Sea Garden, it was you who saved me!"

The intense glow at the bottom of Song Qingchun's eyes was like a laser beam that shot right into Su Zhinian's eyes. He did not dare to hold her eye contact, so he averted his head to avoid her gaze.

Intent on finding out the whole truth, Song Qingchun moved along with his head to hold his eye contact. She had been trying her best to find her guardian angel. In real life, even though her guardian angel had never once taken care of her while she was sick and was never there when she was sad—in fact, they had never even shared a conversation—he had given her so much warmth.

After all, he had saved her life. Without him, she would not have lived to this day. After she listed out the answer on his behalf, the fury in her chest started to dissipate.

Staring at Su Zhinian's perfect face, the anger in her eyes started to soften. Even her pointed tone became gentler in nature. Even so, there was still a confidence in her voice. "When I was hunted down by the crazy people, I always managed to survive the danger at the last minute; that was because you were watching over me, right?"

Su Zhinian's bit on his lips as if he was cornered by Song Qingchun. His eyes that stared at her started to waver. Finally, under her scrutiny, he opened his lips to say, "Qingchun…"

"Su Zhinian…" As if knowing what was coming, the moment Su Zhinian opened his mouth, Song Qingchun cut him off, adding, "…I don't want to hear your explanation. I just need you to tell me whether everything that I've said just now is right or wrong?"

Su Zhinian moved his eyes away.

So, Song Qingchun continued speaking. "Or, Su Zhinian, if this makes this easier on you, tell me, are you the person who I've been looking for all this while?"

The two consecutive 'yes or no' questions shook Su Zhinian's heart, sending it into chaos.

He peeled his eyes open to look at her. After a moment's silence, his lips finally moved.