Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 623

Chapter 623: You Like Me, Right? (7)

"I've said, I don't want to hear your explanation; I just need to know, is it yes or no‽" Song Qingchun's eyes started to water, and her tone became agitated. The man who had once again been interrupted fell silent.

Song Qingchun stared at Su Zhinian's face, which was devoid of emotion. She really wanted to derive something from his appearance, but he was such a master concealer that she was unable to notice anything. In the end, she bit on the corner of her lips like she had come to a decision in her heart. Suddenly, she took a brave step forward, and before Su Zhinian realized what was happening, she planted her arms on his shoulders. With a forceful shove, she pushed him several steps back until his back was leaning against the giant screen.

While Su Zhinian was still caught off guard, the girl circled her arms around his neck, pushed his head down, and stood on her tip-toes to plant a kiss on his lips. The intimate contact caused a shiver to go through his body and shattered the rationality in his mind.

Her soft and supple lips with their warmth and sweetness was his Achilles' heels.

His brain stopped working for a moment before he realized what was happening between them. He reached out unconsciously to push her away, but she seemed to have expected that as her arms around his neck tightened. In fact, she even used her legs to curl around his leg. Like an octopus, she suckered herself to his body.

He could feel the softness and litheness of her body through the layers of clothes. His hands hung awkwardly in the air.

Her kiss was shy and awkward; there was no skill or any trace of seduction. If anything, it felt like she was merely grinding her lips on his lips. However, even so, it still lit up the flame of passion within him.

He tried his best to retain his rationality, but that failed when the girl used her tongue to tap on his lips. His whole body shook like he was shocked with electricity. His hands that hung in the air slowly moved to fall on her waist.

He knew that he was supposed to push her out of his embrace, but her tongue was like a slithering snake, prodding his lips open and slipping into his mouth.

His hands could not resist hugging her waist. He was powerless before her kiss. He sucked on her tongue to intensify the kiss that she had initiated. Their breath started to mingle, and they were lost in the passion of this kiss.

His body started to heat up, and her face started to redden. The atmosphere in the meeting room turned passionate and sweet. There was even face-reddening sounds of kissing that kept escaping from their intertwining lips and tongues.

The kiss lasted for who knew how long. Song Qingchun only knew when it ended, and she felt like she was walking on cloud nine.

Her arms were around his neck, and he was hugging her waist.

She took in big, deep breaths while his breath came faster and quicker.

The distance between their lips were merely one centimeter wide, and their breathing intermingled intimately.