Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 624

Chapter 624: You Like Me, Right? (8)

Time seemed to have stopped in that moment. After some time, Song Qingchun slowly raised her eyes to gaze upon Su Zhinian's handsome face, and she asked softly, "That person is you, right?"

The man who sent messages to console me when I was feeling down is you, right?

The guardian angel who has been protecting me from danger is you, right?

The only person who stayed by my side after Song Cheng's death and Song Empire's fall when everyone could not wait to dissociate from me is you, right?

Song Qingchun, who had been in the mood to tear Su Zhinian apart when she rushed to his company, started to cry after she asked this question.

Do you know? I've been searching for you for so long.

Do you know, even though we do not share a relationship, you are very important to me?

Do you know that you are the light in my darkness?

Do you know how happy I am to know the person I love has been watching over me silently?

To be honest, I hate you a tiny bit; I hate you for once dousing my fire with your icy cruelty.

To be honest, I resent you; if you can't give me your whole life, why did you come into mine?

To be honest, I blame myself because even though you have treated me thusly, I still cannot stop myself from loving you; I blame my heart for lighting up with hope whenever you show me a little of kindness; I blame how spineless I am when I'm around you…

I know I should retain my dignity and walk away with my head held high…

But when I found out you're my guardian angel, all that hate and resentment, my dignity and pride, that all became so unimportant, so completely insignificant… because nothing is more important than you who saved me again and again from the brink of death.

Song Qingchun's tears started to fall like waterfall. She released her grip around his neck and moved her fingers to touch his face and brows, her fingers shaking as she did so. "Su Zhinian, stop lying to me. I know you've not done all this because you feel indebted to me…

"Stop hiding yourself, I know you care about me.

"Or else, you wouldn't have allowed my drunken self to spend a night at your home.

"Or else, you wouldn't have rushed over in such a hurry to help me when I threatened to fall.

"Or else, you wouldn't have been so adamant to seek justice when you know I was sexually assaulted at Eldorado."

Even though she once had a heavy crush on Qin Yinan, she had never felt such desperation to spend the rest of her life with a man.

Even though everyone said that love could not be forced, theirs was not forced because he had no other reason to treat her so well, right?

After all, in the world, how many men could do the things that he had done for her?

Therefore, since he was unwilling to take the first step, she would take it for him. Furthermore, the bravery to take this step, she channeled it through him.

Life is short, and she really did not want to mess up the opportunity to secure her happiness.

Song Qingchun's lips curved into a smile following her thoughts. As the tears at the edge of her eyes slid down her face, she opened her lips to ask, "Su Zhinian, actually, you like me, right?"