Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 625

Chapter 625: You Like Me, Right? (9)

Her soft question was like an atomic bomb blowing up beside Su Zhinian's ears. It caused his eyes to shake, and that completely brought him out of the illusion of the kiss.

There was still a trace of passion swirling at the bottom of his eyes, but his rationality was slowly pushing it back down. He did not answer her question immediately but used his hands to push her out of his embrace. His push was light, but there was an irrevocable force behind it.

Song Qingchun's heart started to fluster. She reached out to move her hands away from his face to land on his shoulders. She gripped him tightly, raised her eyes to hold his eye contact, and demanded, "Even at this stage, you're still going to push me away?"

Su Zhinian's lips stretched as he moved his head away to avert her gaze. Then he put his hand on hers, which were on his shoulders.

Song Qingchun knew he was trying to shrug her off, so her force on his shirt tightened unconsciously. Her originally soft tone turned sharp with nervousness. "Su Zhinian, I know you like me, why are you trying so hard to pretend that you don't?

"Do you have something you're afraid of? Or do you have some difficulty that you can't overcome?"

Song Qingchun's woman instinct told her that she was right. Afraid that he might suddenly shove her away, she did not even give him the opening to answer before adding in hurry, "You can tell me anything…"

Song Qingchun tried to keep the vibration in her voice to a minimum. She looked at him with hope in her eyes.

"…we can face it together."

We can face it together… When those words fell into Su Zhinian's ears, his hands that were trying to shove Song Qingchun's arms off him suddenly stopped.

We can face it together… It was such a wonderful statement. He had dreamed day in and day out that he could really face it together with her… but if that was possible, why would he have spent all those years tormenting himself over it alone?

He was really touched by her proclamation. In fact, there was a moment in his mind when he had decided to drop everything and head into hell with her. However, it was because he loved her so dearly that he could not bring himself to do that to her.

He would rather she hate him for life than have her suffer the torments of hellfire.

Song Qingchun stared at him unblinkingly. She had no idea whether she was going to face heaven or hell, and her breathing had slowly stopped.

His refusal to speak only made her heart beat faster. Finally, she could not stand it anymore and called out his name. "Su Zhinian?"

Following that, his gaze slowly fell on her face.

The emotions in his eyes roiled like the ocean. They calmed down after a while and he slowly said her name in return.


"You're right, the person who saved you in North Sea Garden on New Year's Eve was me."