Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 626

Chapter 626: You Like Me, Right? (10)

A blinding glow shot through Song Qingchun's eyes, which were filled with anxiety. Is he finally admitting it?

Su Zhinian saw the brightness in her eyes, and his heart started to break. "When you were dangerously pursued, I did sacrifice a lot to protect you.


Even though Su Zhinian had tried his best to ensure the serenity on his face, he could not help the slight tremor in his voice when he continued. "…I'm not the person you've been looking for."

Song Qingchun frowned, and disbelief was plain on her face.

"Also…" He paused and used the shortest amount of time to rearrange his emotions before he continued in his usual calm and collected way. "…I don't like you."

The light in Song Qingchun's eyes started to dim. Su Zhinian did not seem to notice the girl's reaction. He turned to look out the window, and his attention flew out into the open sky like he was reminiscing about his memory. After some time, he suddenly asked Song Qingchun a question seemingly out of nowhere. "Do you still remember the time I sought you out at the school entrance when we were in high school together?"

The disappointment in Song Qingchun's eyes was replaced by confusion. She turned to stare at Su Zhinian. Her brain could not find the memory that he was referring to, so she shook her head at him.

Yes… she could not remember much about their shared past. He had no idea whether to be happy or sad that she could not remember most of the stuff from their past because… it was due to her forgetfulness that he could deliver the coup de grace to her heart.

"It was during summer. One day after school, you were waiting for someone at the school entrance. I walked to your side and asked if you are Tingting." Su Zhinian looked out the window, and his eyes were as still as dead. His tone was filled with such indifference that it felt like he was talking about some other person's past. "You replied, 'I'm sorry, senior, you must be mistaken; my name is not Tingting.'

"Before you left, I even reached out to grab your hand. Before I could say anything, you hurriedly reassured me that your name is not Tingting and that your name is Song Qingchun then. Then you ran across the street."

Following Su Zhinian's description, fragments of the memory slowly reappeared in Song Qingchun's mind. At the time, she had been in her second year, and she had believed that she had to rush to a snooker date with Qin Yinan and Song Cheng that night. At the time, she had been waiting for Qin Yinan fetch her, and someone did come to her to say those things.

However, at the time, she only had her eyes on Qin Yinan and no one else. She did not even pay notice to the fact that the person was actually him. She remembered thinking when she was asked those questions, Who is this person, and who is Tingting? Do I look that similar to this Tingting?

Just as Song Qingchun reached this thought, Su Zhinian continued speaking softly. "That day, I did get the wrong person…"

Even though she was Tingting, he had to lie yet again time to her.

"The only reason that happened was because you look too similar to Tingting."