Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 627

Chapter 627: Our Paths Didn't Cross (1)

Something clicked in Song Qingchun's mind, and her heart squeezed with pain. Su Zhinian knew what was going in her mind and knew how hurtful the rest of his words would be; however, after ten seconds of silence, he continued slowly. "The reason I've been so hot and cold toward you all these years is because I would be caught under the impression that you're her until I realize you're really not…"

So… so all these years, the reason he is suddenly good to me is because he has mistaken me as the Tingting that he loves… The color in Song Qingchun's face started to drain. She was quite proud of her own face, proud that she was prettier than most, but that day, her face had pulled the biggest joke on her.

He could read from her heart the sadness and shame; it caused his own heart to twitch with pain. He tried his best to maintain the aloofness about him and monotonously rattled off the rest of his speech like he was repeating what he had memorized. "I really want to be good to her, but I didn't even have the chance to see her in person. Since you resemble her so much, I have been really under the illusion that you're her many times, and I couldn't contain myself from being good to you. So, all this while, I've not been sincere toward you because you're merely a tool for me to lie to myself. For that I apologize…"

At this point, Su Zhinian slowly turned his face around to meet Song Qingchun's face, which was as white as paper. The man could no longer feel the sensation of pain from the surfeit of pain in his heart. His mouth continued to move, but he himself really had no idea what he was talking about. He was on auto-pilot, his body completing the mission he had given himself. "This is why, even though I've saved your life, I could not let you know why because I did not want the unnecessary trouble. It was never my intention to reveal all this because it is unfair to you, but I was wrong because it has created such a big mistake, so now I have…"

"To undo this mistake, right?" Song Qingchun finished Su Zhinian's sentence with a shaking voice. The man stretched his lips but did not say a word despite the fact that his facial expression had said plenty.

Mistake… Tingting is his treasure, but I, Song Qingchun, am just a mistake, a mistake he has to undo…

Song Qingchun bit on her lips to prevent her tears from falling, but as she stared at his icy face, they still fell uncontrollably.

She was so confident when she arrived, but now, she could barely get a word out.

Su Zhinian could feel her confidence being stamped out by him little by little through their physical contact her. Then, he reached up to remove her hands on his shoulders. "I'm really sorry, this is not your fault. I will stop pretending you're her in the future. If there's nothing else…"

Even though he did not finish the sentence, Song Qingchun understood what he meant. If there's nothing else, please leave…

Song Qingchun's hands clenched into fist.

Since she did not move, Su Zhinian himself took the initiative and walked away from her.