Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 628

Chapter 628: Our Paths Didn't Cross (2)

Just as he brushed past her, Song Qingchun, who had been extremely quiet, suddenly grabbed his arm with a burst of energy to pull him to face her. Then, without warning, she once more came up on her tip-toe to kiss him on his lips.

Even though she had not learned how to kiss, this kiss was much more alluring than her previous awkward attempt at bouncing lips. She powered through his resistance and used her tongue to pry open his lips, to swim about in his mouth, luring and seducing the man.

He could clearly sense the desire and passion he had tried his best to suppress reigniting by the girl's action. He knew he had to push her away because if he did not, he would fall into the darkened abyss.

However, the girl's arms around his waist was surprisingly tight. He was afraid that he might accidentally hurt her if he used excessive strength, so at that moment, he was powerless.

His tongue tried to avoid hers, but she seemed to expect his evasion because she tried keeping up with his tongue, the two dancing about dangerously and passionately within his mouth cavity.

The girl blushed crazily because, at the back of her head, a little voice scolded her for throwing herself right at another man. In fact, she was so lost in the moment that she bit on the tip of his tongue for extra simulation. This caused the man to shiver, and his rationality was shattered once more; he started kissing her back in earnest.

Eventually, they got to a point where his hand was placed behind the back of her head, and his lips suckered on hers hungrily like he was trying to melt his mouth into hers. He was caught in the taste of her sweetness, and he could not tell what was what anymore.

After quite some time, Song Qingchun's arm that was around his waist slowly slithered down his abdomen and right down into his belt…

Her touch made his blood boil with lust and love. He was completely lost in her presence, and the force of his kiss got deeper, crazier, and more desperate. He demanded for more, and his hands that were on her waist started to move as well.

She moaned softly, and his lips trailed down her small chin, creating intimate bite marks down her neck and chest.

Her breath became more and more unstable beside his ear. Unable to control himself, his hands reached into her blouse. When his fingertips touched her bare skin, she shivered involuntarily, and her mouth nibbled on his earlobe.

Su Zhinian grunted before he heard Song Qingchun say beside his ears with unstable breathing, "Su Zhinian… you're still lying to me!"

Su Zhinian's kisses on Song Qingchun's collarbone stopped. Through their skin-to-skin contact, he managed to read her mind.

The forum users said that if a man really loves a woman, he would not be able to resist the seduction of said woman; even if he does in the beginning, he will eventually succumb. He failed to resist the earlier kiss, and he still is unable to resist this kiss…

Then she said, "If you don't like me, why are you reacting so wildly and passionately to me?"

No wonder she willingly leaned toward me! She's testing me just like at the bungalow.