Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 629

Chapter 629: Our Paths Didn't Cross (3)

Su Zhinian did not answer Song Qingchun's question. Instead, he lowered his eyes and started to mull. Suddenly, he pulled Song Qingchun up by her waist and strode powerfully toward the large meeting room table. Then, he reached out to swipe all the stuff off the table and onto the floor.

Following the commotion, Song Qingchun was placed directly onto the hard surface by Su Zhinian. Before she realized what was happening, Su Zhinian's powerful body loomed over her, pinning her beneath him.

"Su Zhinian, you…" Song Qingchun could not get the rest of her words out because her lips were taken over by the man. He pried her teeth open forcefully and swept the sweetness inside her mouth like he was the rightful owner.

His hands reached underneath her clothes to massage her bare skin. Her consciousness was soon taken over by the man's actions. She could, however, feel his lips slowly move from her face to fall on her neck, collarbone, and chest.

His fingers moved out of her clothes to slowly remove her buttons one by one. She had been dragged down into the abyss by him. She could feel the desire in her body crying out loud. She wanted and needed more, so she unconsciously reached out to grab his neck, a continuous soft moaning escaping her lips.

However, his movement suddenly stopped right at that moment.

She waited with her eyes closed. She frowned unconsciously when she realized the man did not seem like he was going to make the next move. Her eyes fluttered open slowly with confusion.

When her eyes met his, the man who was just seconds ago still intertwined with her suddenly moved away from her body and slowly straightened himself before her.

Song Qingchun was startled before she realized the air around the man had been replaced by a wave of iciness. She blinked several times with confusion before she turned to look at his dark eyes.

Her lips fell open like she wanted to say something, but she did not know how to ask why he had stopped, so her mouth eventually closed again.

The expression on his face was so cold and aloof that the girl could not help but imagine whether the fiery passion just now had merely been a dream in her head.

He stared quietly at her eyes for a moment before moving his beautiful lips. "Any healthy man would have a bodily reaction when a woman throws herself at him. This is a normal biological reaction, and it has nothing to do with feelings."

However, only he himself knew the kind of weird man he was. Other than her, he had never been aroused by any woman before.

"But being aroused doesn't necessarily mean that I will take you!"

When Song Qingchun heard this, she finally understood why the man had been silent when faced with her question before pressing her again the table and starting those intimate moves.

He… was trying to tell her with his actions that even if she managed to get a reaction out of him, at the most crucial moment, he could stop any time he wanted.

And her? She foolishly thought he could not control himself because she had the hubris to believe he was unable to resist her.

Song Qingchun's hands unconsciously started to claw underneath her. The harsh marble table top caused her fingernails to bleed with pain, but she continued to claw at it like she could not even feel the pain.