Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Her Honey His Venom 3
Chapter 63: Her Honey, His Venom (3)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Su Zhinian turned the shower up to full power. After he doused Song Qingchun's entire body, he grabbed the shampoo and poured half of it on Song Qingchun's head. Following the blast of water, the whole bathroom floor was covered in white bubbles.

When Su Zhinian was scrubbing Song Qingchun's hair, he heard the words "Brother Yinan" through the cascading of water. The veins in his hands bulged as his scrubbing roughened. Song Qingchun whimpered in pain, but Su Zhinian ignored her and focused completely on scrubbing; it was like he was trying to scalp her.

Song Qingchun, who could no longer stand the pain, suddenly shoved Su Zhinian's chest out of frustration.

There was not much energy behind that one shove, but since the bathroom floor was slippery from the soap, she still managed to push Su Zhinian quite a distance away.

Making use of this opening, Song Qingchun tried to dash out of the bathroom, her whole body dripping with soap. Su Zhinian immediately grabbed at her wrist to pull her back under the showerhead.

Song Qingchun acted like this was some kind of water torture and refused to submit to it no matter what. She squirmed like a slippery fish in his grasp. There were multiple times where she almost slipped and crashed to the ground.

Su Zhinian, whose patience was running thin, roared angrily at Song Qingchun, "You'd better stand there obediently or else I will punch"

Before the word "you" left his mouth, Song Qingchun charged at his chest and bit him hard on his shoulder. Su Zhinian's body shook from the sudden shot of pain. His hands, which instinctually went up to stop her, ultimately hung weakly in mid-air. He just stood there quietly, allowing her to grind her teeth into his skin.

Song Qingchun had put serious force into her bite, like she was releasing a great load of sadness and tension. Su Zhinian could feel blood gushing out of his shoulder.

However, he never once winced from pain. After a while, Song Qingchun released her bite and buried her face into his chest. She started to sob.

She sobbed quietly as if to cry for herself, soft enough that her weeping was covered by the sound of the rushing water. However, Su Zhinian, with his incredible hearing, still heard everything.

As he listened to her quiet weeping, sorrow and anguish appeared in his eyes. His hands, which had stopped earlier, pulled her into his arms. She, in her drunken state, did not struggle from his embrace.

She cried for a long time in his arms before she finally quieted down. Then, in a teary voice, she choked out a few "Brother Yinan"s.

Su Zhinian's arms that held her tightened. Staring at the water that poured out of the showerhead, his eyes narrowed as he controlled the mind of the girl in his embrace, making her change the "Brother Yinan" coming out of her mouth into "Su Zhinian".

"Su Zhinian"

"Su Zhinian"

"Su Zhinian"

The water kept on flowing. The "Su Zhinian" from the girl's mouth was full of love and adoration.

He knew deep down this was a mirage he constructed for himself using his superpower. The "Su Zhinian"s were actually "Brother Yinan"s that were not meant for his ears.

He could read her mind easily and knew that, in that fragile moment, the only name that filled her heart was Qin Yinan. There was no room for anyone else.

After a long time, Su Zhinian realized the girl had fallen asleep while leaning against his chest. He laid her down gently in the running water to wash away the grime on her body. He then dried her body tenderly with towels before placing her lightly in her bed.