Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 630

Chapter 630: Our Paths Didn't Cross (4)

"So…" As Su Zhinian said so, he bent down slightly to grip her chin and turn her head toward the mirror in the room. Through the reflection, Song Qingchun saw her naked body exposed to the world while Su Zhinian, who was standing before her, was perfectly dressed.

The scene looked like a slut trying to seduce a gentleman who was not interested. The contrast was more powerful than the words that he had said; it was like a slap that had landed squarely on her face.

He is indeed interested in my body but just as a piece of meat. If he really cared about me, would he shame me in such a manner?

"Now, do you understand? When I'm sober, I will not lay a finger on you. You have to remember that every time something has happened between us, it was because I was drunk out of my mind, right?"

Following his words, her tears fell down one after another, landing on his fingertips.

His lips stretched thin wordlessly. The expression on his face turned colder and harsher as he continued to speak cruelly. "…That is because, in my inebriated state, I mistook you for Tingting since you resemble her so much."

Song Qingchun turned her face away, and her tears fell like pearls. Through her tears, she whimpered, "I know… Please stop now, I understand what you're saying…"

Su Zhinian continued talking like he had not even heard her. "To be honest, if not for your resemblance to Tingting, I would not have even laid an eye on you. But if you're really that desperate for me to fill the void within you, that's fine, because I don't mind using you to fulfil my own fantasy. We each take what we need, right?"

"Please, I beg of you, stop talking! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Song Qingchun mumbled the words 'shut up' like a mantra after Su Zhinian finished his speech.

However, the man did not stop. "However, you have to understand that it'll be nothing more than a contract. Even if we sleep together, it does not mean that I'm interested in you; it's only because you look so much like her. You'll only ever be her substitute…"

A flustered Song Qingchun raised her hands to swipe at Su Zhinian's hand that was on her chin like a crazy woman before clamping them forcefully over her ears, and she cried shrilly, "Stop it! Stop it!"

However, his words filtered through her palms and drilled right into her ears.

"You'll never replace her…"

Song Qingchun screamed out of desperation and climbed down from the office table. She picked up her clothes that littered the floor and put them on in a hurry.

Su Zhinian stood to the side and watched her with an icy gaze. There was a complete lack of emotion in his eyes.

After Song Qingchun put on her clothes, she did not even glance Su Zhinian's way. With her head lowered, she shoved all the things she had brought into her bag and rushed out of the meeting room.

When the door opened, Su Zhinian, who was standing in the meeting room, heard Cheng Qingchong's concerned voice ask, "Miss Song? What's wrong?

"Miss Song, be careful…"

Just as Cheng Qingchong said that, Su Zhinian heard the sound of someone knocking into a chair.