Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 633

Chapter 633: Our Paths Didn't Cross (7)

Song Qingchun's lashes flickered. Someone seemed to have stabbed a knife into her heart because it started to twitch with pain. She reached out unconsciously toward her chest, trying to use physical activity to stop her heart from breaking. However, no matter how hard she tried to hold her heart together, it continued to crack.

The pain had started when he said those things at his company, but it was not until now that it registered in her mind that her heart was breaking. The pain suddenly became so intense that she doubled over with her hands on her chest. Her eyes were red with pain; however, before the tears came, a pretty multi-colored Jianzi fell by her feet.

"Big sister, it's your turn!" A pair of small white hands picked up the Jian Zi by her side and cheered joyfully.

My turn? To do what? Song Qingchun sucked in a deep breath surreptitiously to suppress the heartache before she slowly raised her head. A little girl about five years old stood before her. She looked just like a doll with an endearing smile. Song Qingchun forced a gentle smile and said, "My turn to do what?"

"To sing of course…" The little girl was not shy around the stranger. She grabbed hold of Song Qingchun's wrist and tried to pull her up.

Song Qingchun was about to ask the little girl for more details when a female university student came to them and started to explain, "Miss, it's like this… we're playing a game of sorts. It's a singing marathon, and whoever the Jian Zi falls beside has to sing with our band."

As the student explained, she pointed at the group that Song Qingchun had assumed were couples earlier.

Song Qingchun was practically dragged to the microphone by the little girl. There was quite a sizeable crowd in the garden. A few of them were previous singers, and they clapped with cheers when they saw Song Qingchun.

Then, a young man walked over and handed her an iPad, asking her to select her choice.

Song Qingchun did not think she could wiggle her way out of this one easily, so she lowered her gaze to scan through the song list. There were at least one hundred of them. When Song Qingchun saw one that she was familiar with, she pointed at it and said, "This one."

This was a song that she had fallen in love when she watched the TV show, "I Am a Singer". Desolate Sandbank by Lala Hsu.

With the accompaniment by the university band, Song Qingchun started to sing. When she reached the climax of the song, the many memories that she shared with Su Zhinian started to appear in her mind.

"…I don't necessary need you back;

"Just that whenever I am watching the ocean alone,

"Turning my head around only to find that you are not around,

" What's left is just me pacing around…"

When she heard about his name at school, she did not care about him. When she met him at her home after school and was told he was going to stay at her house for a year, she offered him her hand generously.

At home, she was the pampered princess, but he dared to leave her alone at the mall, causing the penniless girl to have to walk home in her heels for hours; this had made her resent him for a long time.

When a boy from the next class cultivated an unhealthy obsession in her, Song Cheng was out of country, and Qin Yinan was in the military, so it was Su Zhinian who had escorted her to and from school every day to make sure the boy stay away from her. 

  1. An Asian shuttlecock.
    Jianzi is a traditional Chinese national sport in which players aim to keep a heavily weighted shuttlecock in the air by using their bodies, apart from the hands, unlike in similar games peteca and indiaca.