Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 636

Chapter 636: Our Paths Didn't Cross (10)

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The moment the smile bloomed on her face, at the back of her mind, she thought, You've never met me, and I've never loved you. We'll do it your way, and that is the last thing I'll do for you. We'll pretend that you've never met me and I've never loved you.

To prevent Song Menghwa from seeing through her forced levity, Song Qingchun purposely stopped several meters before his room to collect her thoughts. As she took her step forward, before she even reached to open the door, Song Menghwa's voice drifted out from within.

"Ol' Zhang, remember not to reveal the things the doctor said about me not living past another half a year to Qingchun…"

Song Qingchun's hands hung in the air. Not living past half a year… What does he mean?

Song Qingchun's mind was blank before it hit her. In less than half a year, my father is going to join my brother and leave me forever?

Her heart followed the thought and squeezed with pain. The pa